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Most, but not all, of these stories have previously appeared in the Association Newsletter. They are indexed here, with links into the newsletter in which they appeared in case you missed any of them.

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Title Author(s) Year(s)
The Day I Met Major Tommie P. James - December 2, 1969 Johnnie Hitt (Colonel) 1969
Going To War Jesse James (OF) 64-65
I Dotted His Eye Duane Ginter (OF) 64-65
It's Only Paper Jesse James (OF) 64-65
Merry Christmas - 1964 Roy Lowery (WO) 64-65
Midair Jesse James (OF) 64-65
Stinky TDY Jesse James (OF) 64-65
The Rest of the Story Jesse James (OF) 64-65
It Wasn't Us, Sir Don Kleiber (OF) 65-66
Who's Side Are We Paying? Jim Moore (WO) 65-66
Riding Shotgun In Vietnam Gary Parks (EM) 65-66
Lefty Frizzell Volunteered To Fly For Me Don Kleiber (OF) 65-66
Doing The Right Thing Tom Griffith (OF) 65-66
A Day Off From Flying Turns Into Crash Steve Martin (OF) 65-66
Reflections Dick Birnbach (WO) 65-66
The Best Mission I Ever Flew Archie Pitts (WO) 65-66
Ride With Recovery Crew At Your Own Risk David Abel (EM) 65-66
1st Flight, 1st Hit, 1st Shootdown, 1st Jack Horn (OF) 66-67
A Plea For Backup Patrick Boltinghouse (OF) 66-67
Bravery Under Fire Ron Seabolt (EM) 66-67
How to Hover a Semi R.J. Williams (EM) and Terrance Deemer (EM) 66-67
It's Wet Out Here Bill Keller (OF) 66-67
My Last Mission Tom Knapp (EM) 66-67
Not My Day To Die Bob Falk (EM) 66-67
TDY Tay Ninh - December 1966 Ron Seabolt (EM) 66-67
The Last Check Ride Dennis Hand (OF) 66-67
The Night We Hung The Flare Tom Knapp (EM) 66-67
This Is Two-Nine Going Down George Bailey (WO) 66-67
Vietnam: Blood, Sweat and Tears Carl Fox (EM) 66-67
You Can't Judge A Gunner By His Flakjack Bill Burgner (WO) 66-67
Remembering "Pappy" Morehouse Bob Mangum (OF) 66-67
Pappy Morehouse and His Crew Saved My Butt Too Ron Seabolt (EM) 66-67
Who Would Have Thought Doug Hopkins (OF) 66-67
The Real Story Rich Davis (EM) 66-67
Christmas in Viet Nam Doug Hopkins (OF) 66-67
This is Rattler 2-9, We’re Going Down Pete Dolbee (EM) 66-67
Aircraft Commanders Larry Smith (EM) 66-68
Just A Swinging R.J. Williams (EM) 66-68
Major For A Night R.J. Williams (EM) 66-68
More F Troop Tales R.J. Williams (EM) 66-68
From: Young and Invincible, To: Silver Eagles Larry (Smitty) Smith (EM) 66-68
I'm Burning Alive Joe Bruce (EM) 66-69
A Hot Time At LZ Ross Jim Jobson (OF) 67-68
A Wonderful Memory Mike McGraw (WO) 67-68
Airbursts Chuck Carlock (WO) 67-68
Black Monday David Harris (EM) 67-68
Dog Days Jim Jobson (OF) 67-68
For Life Frank Carson (WO) 67-68
Gunships Sink 148 Boats Walter Mitchell (EM) 67-68
Just One More Flight Ray Foley (EM) 67-68
Just Trying To Help A Buddy Ray Foley (EM) 67-68
Mile High Harry Chris Palmer (EM) 67-68
Million Dollar Hill Marlin Johnson (EM) 67-68
Mother's Day Letdown Ed Mills (EM) 67-68
On The Job Training Bruce Kelly (WO) 67-68
Pucker Up R.P. Taylor (WO) 67-68
The Rest of the Story Hal Bowen (OF) 67-68
Wait Just A Minute Bill Patrick (WO) 67-68
The Truth Shall Sit (Set) You Free Roger Farrell (EM) 67-68
A Chicken In Every Pot Jim Pfister (EM (POW)) 67-73
The Bravest Thing I've Ever Seen Marine Colonel 68
Charlie Cotton's Last Flight Benny Goodman (WO) 68-69
Friendly Fire Vic Bandini (WO) 68-69
On Fire And Won't Let Go! Vic Bandini (WO) 68-69
Quit Hitting Me Phil Wood (EM) 68-69
Shotdown Dennis Wheeler (WO) 68-69
Snake Doctor Work J.T. Johnson (EM) 68-69
Who Are The Bad Guys? Vic Bandini (WO) 68-69
The Sniffer Mission Will Drewry (EM) 68-71
Stealing the General's Jeep Will Drewry (EM) 68-71
15 November 1969 - Death Is Always Near Ed Gwynn (WO) 69
Excuse Me, I'll Take The Next Flight Ted Shulsen (OF) and Vic Bandini (WO) 69
Sniffer Missions Steve Bernard (WO) 69
Big Guns at LZ Center "George" Hardeman (EM) 69
Fire Team Leader Kelly McHugh Robert Combs (WO) 69-70
From Flight School To Fright School Col. Whiz Broome (WO) 69-70
May 17, 1970 - Heip Duc Valley, RVN Mike Beaumont (OF) 69-70
Memories Of LZ West Tom Pratt (OF) 69-70
Midnight Chow Run John Hoss (EM) 69-70
My First Ever War Story Charley Sparks (EM) 69-70
Rocket Alarm Clock Ron Olson (WO) 69-70
The Day CWO David Jackson Died Col. Whiz Broome (WO) 69-70
The Day I Lost My Cherry or The Funniest Col. Whiz Broome (WO) 69-70
The Rescue of Saber 6 Johnnie B. Hitt (OF) 69-70
Black Monday As Witnessed By Earl Ingram - 174th AHC Earl Ingram (OF) 69-70
Thanks For My Life Steven E. Hill (WO) 69-70
Black Monday, The Rest of the Story William "Whiz" Broome (WO) 69-70
My First Day Wally Honda (WO) 69-70
Changed Lives In A Time Of Change Steve Israel (WO) 69-70
Instrument Flight Rules Wally Honda (WO) 69-70
The Day Our Chow Changed in the 71st Neal Lang (WO) 69-70
Black Monday Johnnie B. Hitt (OF) 69-70
Polar Bears Under Heavy Fire Southern Cross - 19 June 1970 70
A Graceful Exit Bill Irby (WO) 70-71
Col. Ben Silver's Hat Tom Marty (OF) 70-71
Down In Flames Stuart Froehling (OF) 70-71
Everybody Got Steamed, Especially The C. Ron Taylor (EM) 70-71
Firebird 92 Mike Friel (WO) 70-71
Hell, I Was There Don Lynam Charger 16 and Rattler 16 (OF) 70-71
How My Aunt Mae May Have Saved My Life Norman ND Pruitt (EM) 70-71
Lil' Mac Was One Cool Dude Bill Irby (WO) 70-71
Rattler Heroism Recognized After 26 Years Doug Womack (WO) 70-71
My Memory of a War Story Michael J. Friel (WO) 70-71
Pilot Reveals Chopper Crash Southern Cross - 21 May 1971 71
Welcome To The Firebirds Steve Hopkins (EM) 71
Watch That First Step Doug Lane (WO) 71

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