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Vietnam Veterans Recognition

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Things have changed since we came home from Vietnam. When we returned from Vietnam we were shunned by the public. Movies and television portrayed us as a bunch of psychotic losers, drug addicts and criminals and that became the public perception of us. The truth is that, while we all carry some scars and some people have suffered greatly because because of the effects of their Vietnam service, the majority of us served honorably and came home to lead productive lives.

It took many years, but public perception has changed somewhat and our service is being recognized and appreciated by most people. Many communities have erected various momuments and tributes to Vietnam veterans. Below are a few of the more significant national acts of recognition.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Some information about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017
The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 is a law passed by Congress and signed by the President encouraging the flying of the American Flag on March 29 each year, National Vietnam War Veterans Day.
Vietnam Helicopter Crew Memorial
Currently there is no monument at the Arlington National Cemetery to the participants in the Vietnam War. This void is especially felt by the pilots and crew members in the “Helicopter War”. A team from the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) has been working to get that changed and that is finally happening.