Rattler/Firebird Sounds

Here are some sounds from the Rattlers and Firebirds as well as other sources and some sounds from movies and a couple of music tracks as well.

Real Sounds

StarsAndStripes.mp3 (102k) AFVN ad for Stars & Stripes with Pat Sajak
firebird91.mp3 (144k) Firebird 91 (Jack Horn) talking with the Aussies at Nui-Dat. Recording provided by Graham Kemp, Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
NewsIntro.mp3 (26k) AFVN News intro
HitsKeepComing.mp3 (12k) AFVN and the hits keep coming on
minigun.mp3 (15k) Test firing a minigun
m60ground.mp3 (39k) M60 machine gun on ground during mortar attack
m60air.mp3 (40k) M60 machine gun in flight
flyby2.mp3 (88k) Another Huey Fly-by
flyby.mp3 (36k) Huey Fly-by
hover.mp3 (3k) Huey Hovering
HueyStartup.mp3 (82k) Huey Start-up

Movie Sounds

Disclaimer: The sound clips about shooting women and children and identifying VC are not representative of what actually occurred in our unit. They are representative of the type of “gallows humor” that allowed us to retain some small portion of our sanity.

God’s Own Lunatics, by Joe Galloway, from a Military Channel documentary named In the Shadow of the Blade
I love the smell of napalm in the morning From Apocalypse Now
How come you guys sit on your helmets? From Apocalypse Now
How can you tell if they’re VC? From Full Metal Jacket
How can you shoot women and children? From Full Metal Jacket
Incoming! From Full Metal Jacket
Good Morning Vietnam! From the move of the same name


GodBless.mp3 (738k) The Association’s Unofficial Anthem
wingedsoldiers.mp3 (304k) Winged Soldiers a patriotic song about Army helicopter pilots


The Man in the Doorway, a poem.