Remembering James (Jim) Arnout

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 70-71
Died: 8 October 2003
Cause: Heart attack

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Date:2004-03-04 13:07:00
Posted by:

Ron Markiewicz

Comments: A great guy. Took my under his wing when I joined the unit afor Lom San 719.
Date:2006-03-08 08:58:45
Posted by:

Ron Taylor

Comments: Flew with Jim many times, trusted him to be able to fly out of any trouble we got into. Never forget flying off LZ Scotch with all the AA one day and watching him get my A/C to do things I know a Huey can't do. Spent most of his time keeping me out of trouble. I was so glad to see him at the St. Louis reunion. He will always be alive in my memories and we will all be a perpetual 18 years old.

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