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Remembering Richard Day

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 66-67
Died: 26 July 2013
Cause: Heart attack

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Posted by: Lillian (LIL) Day

Date: Mar 16, 2014

Comment: I lost my best friend since 8 years old and husband. Richard loved the Army, went in at age 15. Feb. 1955 we had a 66 year history. He was a great Storyteller, of his life in Vietnam and I know all the stories of his career. Just ask me. He has 49 decorations and awards.

He fell in love with Belize and her people, so he is buried here in his Military Uniform. I look forward to the 2014 reunion in Dallas. I will be there. Look for me.

Posted by: Jay S. Wilhelm

Date: Mar 12, 2014

Comment: Dick was somewhat of a legend in the class (66-5). On the first real day on the flight line, the day after the nickel ride, his IP was delayed so he told Dick to go out and find their aircraft (great old OH-23D) and he would be out soon. Upon arriving at the pad, the IP was shocked to find Dick sitting in the aircraft with it running. The IP was unaware of the fact that Dick already had a commercial helicopter license.

Dick denied this (we all know how modest he was) but it makes for a good story anyway.
Rest In Peace, my friend!

Jay S. Wilhelm
Rattler 22

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