Rattler/Firebird Association

Remembering Randall Colton

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 70-71
Died: October 1975
Cause: Helicopter Accident

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Posted by: Doug Womack

Date: Oct 7, 2005

Comment: Randy was a good pilot. Early on in my tour, I lost my "Cherry" in UH1-H 68-16383 while flying with him. We were running re-supply out of FSB Maryann and, at one field site, had to stick a skid into a slope just below a ridge line. After the beans and bullets were kicked out, we crossed the ridge line and took fire. At the first crack of that AK, he laid 383 on its side, turning hard right, probably saving his and the crewchief's lives. On inspection, the first round went through a main rotor blade, #2 came through his door, cutting the leather strap handle and exiting through the greenhouse, #3 cut the lip of the cargo door track and lodged in the ammo can, and #4 went into the tailboom. His instincts and reflexes were what saved him from a head shot, and kept the CE from taking a round in the chest. Later, his ship, 383, became mine, and I was proud to have it.

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