Remembering David B. Close

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 70
Died: April 1977
Cause: Unknown

David B. Close

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Date:2007-08-30 04:29:57
Posted by:

Steve Mackey

Comments: Dave and I arrived at the 71st about the same time. We hit it off because we were both from Southern California. We flew with each other just a couple of times during our year there. I went home about one week before he did, March 1971. We had both just come back from a day of flying and we were in the mess hall at Quang Tri when the Sgt. came in and told me I was not flying the next day. My orders had made it up from Chu Lai, I was heading home. Dave and I had a talk before going to bed that night and agreed to meet up after he got home. I talked to him the day he arrived home. We had plans to get together for a drink, but never made it. I was heart broken when I found out he had past away. RIP my friend.
Date:2007-05-26 22:08:46
Posted by:

John Glasco

Comments: if anyone knows what happened to dave I would like to know. i tried for many years to find him before I find out he died.
Date:2007-07-21 17:03:38
Posted by:

Wayne Bell

Comments: Dave arrived in Germany, after his tour in Vietnam, his wife Lisa, joined him in Germany and he stayed in Germany until his DEROS back home. I spent time with Dave in with 71ST and the 349th in Germany. Upon his return to California Dave received a mild electrical shock leading to his death. Examination revealed Dave had a small hole in his heart that had gone undetected all his life.

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