Rattler/Firebird Association

Remembering Steven M. Plotkin

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 70-71
Died: 27 May 2007
Cause: Heart problems

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Posted by: Tony Marinaro

Date: Jun 5, 2008

Comment: Steve and I flew together often and shared meny exeriences. such as the Cobra encounter,the spray mission and the bad weather-low level (volunteer) emergency resupply & med evac. mission to LZ Maryann. I called him "Baron Von Plotkin" becouse he showed up one day wearing a long white silk scarf and the name just fit him. I lost contact with Steve after Vietnam but thought of him often over the years. When i found out about the association, Steve was one of the first guys i asked about and was deeply saddened when told of his passing. I'd always hoped to see him again. Steve was a friend, a brother and a good man.

Clear up left and I will see you in whatever comes next brother.

Tony (S.T.P.) Marinaro

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