Rattler/Firebird Association

Remembering Curtis (Buck) Crouch

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 64-65
Died: 2 February 2008
Cause: Cancer

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Posted by: Misty Monroe

Date: Nov 11, 2019

Comment: Grandfather how you went day to day having to of known what a hero you truly were yet you walked around so humble. You never boasted or bragged i always knew you were amazing i just didnt know just how amazing you truly and now it seems your great grandson (aaron) and your great great grandson are on almost a treasure hunt as we uncover more and more about who Curtis Buck Crouch was in his Army Days we are so amazed. I miss you so badly rest in the sky with your brothers.

Posted by: Misty Monroe (granddaughter)

Date: Mar 16, 2017

Comment: My grandfather was an amazing man obviously for many many reasons. He was decorated in the military serving two tours in Vietnam and 2 tours in Korea Retiring as Lt col. But to me he was a super Hero who was always their when I needed him since I was a baby. I knew they called him Lt Col but I never understood until he had passed away of the significance of his title but I knew and know he was an INCREDIBLE Man who will not ever be topped in my life. May you R.I.P my dear grandfather I love YOU !!!!


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