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Remembering Ronnie King

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 70-71
Died: 17 July 2006
Cause: Cancer

Ronnie King

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Posted by: Norm "ND" Pruett

Date: Jan 26, 2007

Comment: Thanks to Don Rodgers for informing us of Ronnie King's passing. Ronnie was a good friend to Don through the years since Nam and I also knew him well back then. If any of you think you remember him, you can see his photo on this site's photo link - Norm Pruett pictures 70-71.
God bless Ronnie, I pray you've found peace and can only say, finally... welcome home brother.
Clear up left -
Norm "ND" Pruett,
Crew chief, 1st plt "Widowmakers",
71st AHC - RVN 70-71

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