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Remembering Allie Campbell

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 64-65
Died: 3 January 2004
Cause: Cancer-diabetes

Allie Campbell

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Posted by: Ronald H. Bishop

Date: Aug 4, 2004

Comment: Msgt Allie Campbell was my first 'real' 1stSgt that I had in the US Army.I was in Service Company 508th from Nov. 53 thru Jun 55.
I got into a little disagreement with a trooper at the beer garden on post. He had made some snide remark about our 1st Sgt's helmet liner and why he wore it. After I had done my 14 & 2 Sgt Campbell found out what the fight was about.To that he told me it was a dumb thing to do, and I'd still have gotten the 14 & 2.The man was firm, just and fair.
Back then,I think that I had just turned 18,he was the dad that I never had.He made me a better soldier,and person,and I'll never forget him.

Posted by: Harry E Collins

Date: Aug 2, 2004

Comment: I served with Allie H.from 1955 to 1956 while he was the First Sergeant of Service Company 508th ARCT.Allie was an outstanding First Sergeant and I'm sure his future performance as a Helicopter pilot was exceptional.While we were in Japan at Camp Chickamauga (Beppu)I can remember appearing before Allie H. prior to reporting to the CO. (Cpt Beck).Allie would look up from his desk with a smile on his face and say "here we go again"..We would then go in the CO's office and I'd receive my due.

Allie was a good influence on many troops that passed through his unit,being fair and considerate in his dealings with the troops..yet could get a problem with a troop under control in a very stern manner as a First Sergeant should.

After obtaining the rank of First Sergeant several years later,I would remember back on other First Sergeant's I served under since 1949..Allie H Campbell stood up amongst the best,he will be missed..he was an exceptional soldier.


Posted by: Hoover Curtis King

Date: Aug 2, 2004

Comment: I first met Allie 1948 we was in headquarters company
3/BN 504th Abn Ft Bragg N.C.the next time I serve with him
he was the first sergeant Service Co. 508th 1954 and then we went to Japan together that's where he learned how to fly the helicopter on the weekends with his good friend and then when we return to the States he went to helicopters school. & that's when we parted. But I did write him a few letters also along with phone calls when he was living in Lake Charles Louisiana. I was very sad to hear of his death what a great soldier he was an I to learn a lot from him, we will miss you Allie until we meet again in soldiers land and God bless all of our bodies.

Posted by: milton-simpkins

Date: Aug 1, 2004

Comment: Thanks to this page I got to know more of Sgt. Campell, who I served with from 1951 to 1954 in Service Company of the 508TH RCT. Of all the men I served with during those years, I met a real soldier's soldier. He was my first sargeant, and even though he made me pulled some extra duty at times, he was the most fair and dedicated person I met while serving our country. I did not know until I read these comments that he had accomplished all that he did, but it did not surprise me.

Thanks Allie for setting a good example for me as a young nineteen year old far from home.

Milton Dale Simpkins

Posted by: Thomas Steinback

Date: Aug 1, 2004

Comment: I FIRST MET 1st sgt. allie h. campbell feb.1954 when I was i reported for duty with service co. 508th ARCT.as a young boy fresh from basic training and wanting to be a paratrooper.he took one look at me and said I would never be one of the best I got red as a beet when he said that but I was scared to say anything to a man who looked like charles atlas to me so when I finally got to jump school I remerered what he said and that kept me going.when I reported back to him I was wearing my wings and a big grin came across his face and said welcome home trooper.boy did I love that man I'll miss him very much and I had a phone conversation with him a couple of years ago and I sure wish I made more of them and went and had a visit with him.

Posted by: Paul Allan Cole

Date: Mar 2, 2004

Comment: As a corporal with the 508th Abn Regt'l Combat Team at Fort Campbell, Kentucky - I 'posted myself' before my First Sergeant - Allie H. Campbell - to obtain his 'permission' to marry my high-school sweetheart ... I had to convince Allie that I could 'handle it' and take care of her ... He took me in to see the Company Commander and he recommended the CO's approval ... We have been married 50 years now ... So, I think back to Allie H. Campbell and all the nitty-gritty questions he asked me about getting married ... and 'I don't know, or maybe' were not acceptable answers to his grueling questions about taking care of a wife ... Without his blessing - there would not have been a marriage ... Now, that's the way the Army was back in the early 1950's ... Allie gave up his airborne paratrooper days to go on to flight school - and we all know the 'history' of Allie H. Campbell ... I went to OCS and then to flight school and had my two tours in RVN - 66-67 with the 1st Air Cav and 70-71 as CO, Co B (Lancers) 158th AHB, 101st Abn Div ... I saw Allie's name in the VHPA Directory and called him last year in Lake Charles ... He remembered me ... All he talked about was the 'Rattlers' - Lord, he was proud to be a 'Rattler' ... During the Ohio River LZ Chapter Reunion this past weekend (Feb 27-29 2004) I saw the 'Rattler' pocket-patch on Jim Moore's shirt ... I asked Jim if he might have known Allie H. Campbell ... He did a double-take and said he sure did but he had passed away in January ... I was heartbroken to learn of his passing ... There are a lot of grandfather's walking around today because Allie H. Campbell taught them how to survive flying helicopters in combat ... I know his spirit lives on ... and when we did the 'Missing Man Toast' at our memorial dinner ... my tears were for Allie H. Campbell and all his loved ones ... Airborne - Air Assault ...

Posted by: Ron Seabolt

Date: Feb 17, 2004

Comment: I had never met Allie before we started having our reunions. Once I met him though, I felt like I had known him all my life. I always looked forward to talking to him when I could. Allie will be sorely missed. RIP

Posted by: Joe Schenke

Date: Feb 17, 2004

Comment: I was so sorry to hear about Allie Campbells passing. Allie was one of our original Rattlers when the 3rd AML was organized. Allie was one of the old time CWO's coming up through the ranks vie the airborne.

Allie was recognized with a silver star for leading a two ship night mission in Dong Xai in June 1965. The camp had run out of ammunition and was on the verge of going under. Dong Xai was one of the largest pitched battles during our tour with the 145th BN receiving the presidential unit citation and two people on the ground receiving the MOH.

Allie was a consumate aviator, role model and friend to those of us that were fortunate enough to know him.

Posted by: Don Kleiber

Date: Feb 11, 2004

Comment: Allie was one of the best guys in the world. He gave me my checkride in Nam and also I had the pleasure of going on my first Combat Assault with him. It was down below Duc Hoa at the "testicles". I never will forget it or Allie. Loved seeing him in St. Louis and am so sorry he is no longer with us. Not many men were like Allie. God broke the mold when he made him.

Posted by: Jim Moore

Date: Feb 7, 2004

Comment: I met Allie in August 1965, when I joined company A/501 at Bien Hoa. Allie was the company standardisation IP. Unlike the rest of us nine-month wonders, Allie was a real Warrant Officer. He had Jumped into Normandy on D-Day with the Screaming Eagles, fought in Korea, and advanced through the ranks. He taught me much about flying a Huey in combat,about concentrating on the mission while taking fire,lessons which stood by me through my flying career, and through life. We shared many a glass together in the Rattler's Den after the day's mission was over; He with his Bourbon, me with my Scotch.
I hadn't seen Allie in 33 years, when I attended my first Rattler re-union in Orlando in '98. I Walked over to him,said "Hi, Allie", he turned around and said "Jamie, how've you been?", and the 33 years melted away. We subsequently had great re-unions in 'Vegas & St. Louis. We re-lived the good, the bad, and the ugly of our Rattler days, and my last memory of him is swapping Rattler tales and singing Rattler songs with other A/501 guys. He was a major influence in my life, and I will miss him.
Goodnight Allie, wherever you are.

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