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Remembering Leon Schoenborn

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 67-68
Died: 11 Sept 1982
Cause: Helicopter Crash

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Posted by: Dennis Schoenborn

Date: Oct 31, 2005

Comment: James,

Thank you for the wonderful and kind comments. We still talk about what happened that day.


His son,
Dennis Schoenborn

Posted by: James N. Miller

Date: Jun 23, 2005

Comment: Leon was one of the bravest men that I have ever met. He and I were in flight school together and arrived at the 71st, along with others from our class, on the same day. We were in the second platoon and made AC at about the same time, so I did not fly with him very often, other than the times we were working with the SF out of Da Nang. I was at Baldy the night Leon earned his Silver Star recusing Marines who were surrounded North, Northwest of LZ Ross. Jim Collins was out there that night providing gunship support. Jim and Leon were written up in an artice which can be found at: www.flyarmy.org/panel/battle/68091441.HTM

Also the details of Leon's death in Germany can be found at:

I last saw Leon at Ft. Rucker in 1969 when he was going through CH37 transition enroute to Germany. I think of him often.

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