Rattler/Firebird Association

Men We Have Been Unable to Locate

The below listed men served in our unit, but we have been unable to locate them, or that we had information on at one time and have sinced moved with no forwarding address. If you have stumbled across this page while looking for your own name, and you served in Vietnam with the Rattlers and/or Firebirds, we'd love to hear from you. On the other hand, if you happen to know the whereabouts any of these men, we'd like that information as well.

If you're interested in helping us locate former unit members, perhaps our How to Locate page will help you.

If a state or states are shown in the location column, this indicates a possible state where the man resided when he entered military service. MLNA in the status column means that at one time we had an address, but the man has moved and left no forwarding address.

Abrahams, Belford L.EM66-67TXUnlocated
Ackermann, Kenneth R.EM69AZUnlocated
Adams, RandyEM68-69 MLNA
Adams, RichardEM68NCUnlocated
Adderly, Thomas D.EM66-67NJ, NYUnlocated
Adderly, Thomas O.EM66-67NJ, NYUnlocated
Agnew, James S.EM66AZ, CAUnlocated
Ahlgrim, Eugene H.EM66-67ILDeceased
Allison, Bobby H.EM66-67FL, GAUnlocated
Alvarez, David R.EM68-69 MLNA
Anderson, Charles E.EM65 Unlocated
Anderson, HoraceEM68-69 Unlocated
Anderson, LawrenceEM66-67MEUnlocated
Anderson, Wesley M.EM67-68 Unlocated
Andre?s, RobertEM70FLUnlocated
Andrews, LarryEM71ALUnlocated
Aponte / Rodriguez, Eric M.EM70PRUnlocated
Archer, Robert P.EM70AZLOCATED
Arguilez, FranciscoEM66-67AZ, CALOCATED
Arquilez, Frank C.EM66-67AZ, CAUnlocated
Austin, Kenneth L.EM66-67 Unlocated
Bacca, JohnEM67-68 MLNA
Bagman, Lawrence M.EM67-68 Unlocated
Bailey, Stephen L.EM67-68AZ, CA, OR, WAUnlocated
Bailey, TerryEM70ORUnlocated
Bailey, Jr., James R.EM65-66 Unlocated
Bain, Patrick W.EM71MOUnlocated
Baker, Donald L.EM65 KIA - Vietnam
Baker, Steven J.EM68-69CO, IL, IN, MO,LOCATED
Ballard, Herman D.EM71TXUnlocated
Bapties, KennethEM67ILUnlocated
Barker, Robert D.WO71CAUnlocated
Barnes, Roger W.EM66-67 Unlocated
Basic, Nick J.OF66 Unlocated
Beasley, CharlesEM71MOUnlocated
Beirne, ThomasEM66 Unlocated
Benally, Dan A.EM69AZUnlocated
Bennett, Gerald A.EM68MAUnlocated
Benton, Jesse M.EM65-66TNUnlocated
Berghofer, Francis T.EM65MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Beserra, RamonEM68-69 Unlocated
Beshirs, Allen D.EM65-66 MLNA
Best, Donald J.EM65 LOCATED
Bianchi, Jr., Peter J.EM66 Unlocated
Billik, Philip H.EM68GAUnlocated
Bilom ?, Philip H.EM68-69 Unlocated
Bingham, Larry D.EM65-66CAUnlocated
Birmingham, AndrewEM68-69 Unlocated
Bishop, Thomas L.EM65-66 Unlocated
Bitton, Richard L.EM65 Unlocated
Bivins, David B.EM69NCUnlocated
Black, William D.EM71PAMLNA
Blackburn, JohnEM70-71 LOCATED
Blakley, John A.WO69-70 LOCATED
Blevins, Guy P.EM70-71ILUnlocated
Boehm, John W.EM65 Unlocated
Bogacz, Stanley J.EM65 Unlocated
Bogart, John E.EM68-69MOUnlocated
Boman ?, Patrick G.EM68-69 Unlocated
Booher, Timothy T.WO69OKMLNA
Boucher, Peter J.EM68MAMLNA
Bowman, Larry D.EM65-66IA, MO, ND, SDUnlocated
Bowman, Paul F.EM65-66INUnlocated
Braizier, Larry O.EM65TXUnlocated
Brannon, Gregory A.EM68-69 Unlocated
Braun, John R.EM65 Unlocated
Brengle, Thomas W.EM66-67 Unlocated
Brinson, Paul J.EM65-66FLUnlocated
Bristow, William D.OF68-69CAMLNA
Broadhurst, Jr., William A.EM65NH, RIUnlocated
Brooks, LeroyEM67-68MA, NJLOCATED
Brown, DavidWO69-70 MLNA
Brown, Franke L.EM65CA, MTUnlocated
Brown, George L.EM68-69MAUnlocated
Brown, Ronald L.EM68-69FLUnlocated
Brown, Willie M.EM66FLUnlocated
Brown, Jr., DanielEM69-70ILUnlocated
Bruce, William A.OF65 Unlocated
Bryan, Donald E.EM65-66 Unlocated
Buff, Tony C.EM65-66 Unlocated
Burback, Delbert P.EM65NDDeceased
Burch, James E.EM69-70NCUnlocated
Burch, Thomas G.EM65PAUnlocated
Burg, John P.EM69-70OHMLNA
Burge, Robert W.EM65MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Burgess, James W.EM69-70OKUnlocated
Burns, Joseph E.EM67-68CT, NJ, RIUnlocated
Butler, GaryWO65-66 Unlocated
Cain, Jr., Doyle D.EM68-69 Unlocated
Cameron, Charles H.EM71CAUnlocated
Campbell, Robert M.EM70ILUnlocated
Campbell, Willie F.EM71PAUnlocated
Cander, JohnWO70-71 Unlocated
Canterbury, CharlesEM66-67VALOCATED
Card, John A.EM69-70 Unlocated
Carlson, John P.OF65-66 Unlocated
Carney, Richard C.EM68 MLNA
Carpenter, Clarence R.WO65 Unlocated
Carpenter, DouglasEM66-67 MLNA
Carr, Douglas M.EM69-70NYMLNA
Carrington, EdwardEM68-69PAUnlocated
Carson, William D.EM66NH, RIUnlocated
Casanova, Jose H.EM65TXUnlocated
Casselo, Chuck   MLNA
Castellanos, Joe A.EM69TXUnlocated
Castle, Joseph R.EM67FLUnlocated
Cavanaugh, Cyril C.EM69-70OKMLNA
Ceinkus, John J.EM65-66INUnlocated
Chamberlain, Burns F.EM69-70OHMLNA
Charbonneau, Marc E.WO71 MLNA
Childs, Frederick R.EM67 Deceased
Childs, HenryEM67 Unlocated
Christ, MikeEM70-71 Unlocated
Cismowski, Dennis M.WO68-69INMLNA
Clark, Kenneth D.EM66VAUnlocated
Clarke, Ronald G.OF65-66 Unlocated
Clasen, Larry A.EM68-69 Unlocated
Claudio, Jr., Rafael R.EM70WAUnlocated
Clifton, Lynwood C.EM67-68CAUnlocated
Coakwell, McConnelWO67-68OHMLNA
Cochran, John D.EM65-66TNUnlocated
Cockfield, Henry C.EM69PAUnlocated
Collier, ElmerWO67-68TXLOCATED
Collins, Ernest B.WO70-71 MLNA
Collison, Mark C.EM65 Deceased
Conner, John E.EM69-70PAUnlocated
Conners, Marry L.WO67 ? Unlocated
Conners, Jr., Harry L.WO67 Unlocated
Connor, Francis T.EM70PAUnlocated
Conover, Robert C.EM68-69MIUnlocated
Cook, Gary L.EM65-66GA, MA, NYUnlocated
Cordeiro, Glenn C.EM67-68 Unlocated
Cornish, William W.EM66-67MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Cowan, Edgarr O.EM68-69 Unlocated
Cox, Arthur R.EM67-68OHUnlocated
Cox, Charles L.EM65-66 Unlocated
Cox, David L.EM69WAUnlocated
Cox, Donald R.EM68NCUnlocated
Craigue, Harley P.EM65 Deceased
Crawford, Richard A.EM71WAUnlocated
Crell, Sr., Kenneth R.EM71OHUnlocated
Cress, Roger L.EM68-69VAMLNA
Crist, Michael L.EM69-70NVMLNA
Crone, Milton D.EM67-68TXUnlocated
Crouse, ClarenceEM66 Unlocated
Crowder, Jr., Robert L.?70-71GAUnlocated
Crumpler, Joseph L.EM66MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Csendes, Imre J.EM68-69ILDeceased
Cuffie, Richard E.EM65 Unlocated
Cullen, DanielEM65-66NJ, NYUnlocated
Cushman, Robert L.WO67-68 MLNA
Davis, Carl B.EM65-66MS, SCUnlocated
Davis, Charles L.EM67MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Davis, Jimmy L.EM70TXUnlocated
Davis, Larry E.EM66CT, NJ, RIUnlocated
Davis, LeroyEM65 Unlocated
Davision, Lee F.WO66 Unlocated
Dean, James W.WO68-69FLMLNA
Dean, Mark S.EM69UTUnlocated
Decker, Johnny E.EM69NJUnlocated
Decoste, Arthur H.EM65 Unlocated
DeGrazio, George E.EM65CTUnlocated
Dell, David E.EM67-68TNUnlocated
Dell, Willard W.EM69-70 Unlocated
Denning, Eugene D.EM65CA, MTUnlocated
Deschamps, Bruce W.EM68-69PAUnlocated
Dice, Darrel D.EM70PALOCATED
Digregorio, John M.EM67-68CT, NJ, RIUnlocated
Dillard, Ronald L.EM68-69CALOCATED
Dimario, Joesph A.EM65-66OH, NM, TXUnlocated
Dirosa, John D.EM68-69NYUnlocated
Dixon, NathanielEM69NCUnlocated
Dobbs, Virgel W.EM65 Unlocated
Dollar, Jimmy W.EM69ARUnlocated
Donahue, Joseph J.EM66 Unlocated
Dorsey, LarryEM66-67 LOCATED
Dotson, Martin J.EM65CA, MTUnlocated
Dougherty, John P.EM65PAUnlocated
Doyle, David A.EM68-69FL, MA, OHUnlocated
Dubose, DavidEM67-68 LOCATED
Duke, James E.OF69CAUnlocated
Duncan, Donald R.EM65-66 Unlocated
Durham, Johnnie J.EM66-67 Unlocated
Durocher, John E.EM65 Unlocated
Dyer, Leslie E.EM71TXUnlocated
Eckart, LennieWO70-71 Unlocated
Edsten, Bruce E.EM65-66NDLOCATED
Eggleston, Michael G.EM70-71CAUnlocated
Ehrich, Klaus T.EM67-68AZ, CAUnlocated
Ek, Joseph G.EM66NDUnlocated
Elder, James W.WO68-69GAUnlocated
Elliot, MichaelEM67-68 Unlocated
Elmore, Gary A.EM66-67MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Elphick, Francis C.EM67-68NJDeceased
English, Jr., Louis F.EM70NJUnlocated
Evans, MikeEM68-69WIMLNA
Evanson, James W.WO68-69 LOCATED
Everage, Thomas F.EM66-67 Unlocated
Falzone, PaulEM66CA, MTUnlocated
Farnham, Donald W.OF66NHDeceased
Farthing, Thomas W.EM67-68FLUnlocated
Ferrington, John C.EM66-67VAUnlocated
Fierro, Daniel R.EM65-66 Unlocated
Filipiak, DonaldEM66-67 LOCATED
Fisher, Ted R.EM69-70 Unlocated
Fite, Donald A.EM66-67FLUnlocated
Flanagan, Thomas R.OF71MAUnlocated
Fleck, Bruce A.EM68-69OHLOCATED
Flynn, Donald F.EM65CA, MTUnlocated
Fontenot, GlendellEM69 LOCATED
Fountas, VasiliosEM71OHUnlocated
Fox, William F.EM68-69TXUnlocated
Frain, Philip V.WO65-66 Unlocated
Frison, James H.EM71FLMLNA
Fryman, Jyon M.EM66 Unlocated
Fullerton, Jay G.EM69-70NYLOCATED
Fullerton, Theodore M.EM67-68 Unlocated
Gale, Richard C.EM66-67CO, IL, IN, MOUnlocated
Gant, Larry V.EM65TNUnlocated
Gardea, TomasEM65-66CA, MTUnlocated
Garrie, Randal K.EM71LAUnlocated
Gary, Robert L.EM68-69TXUnlocated
Gere, Richard M.EM66-67 Unlocated
Giachetti, RonaldEM65-66CTUnlocated
Gibson, Robert H.EM70-71ALLOCATED
Gill, Raymond J.EM65-66AZ, CAUnlocated
Gill, Richard T.EM66OHUnlocated
Gillette, Ronald E.EM65-66MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Gilmore, Thomas A.EM65-66 LOCATED
Glaspie, Garry J.EM65-66ILUnlocated
Goble, William C.EM65 Unlocated
Goetze, John A.EM69NYLOCATED
Goodman, Donald R.EM66-67FL, GAUnlocated
Goodwin, Joel D.EM68-69 Unlocated
Gordon, John E.OF65-66 Unlocated
Goree, Jacky G.EM65 Unlocated
Grafe, Eric J.EM65 Unlocated
Graham, David H.WO68-69 Unlocated
Graham, JamesEM65 Unlocated
Graham, John W.EM65TXUnlocated
Grant, Carroll W.EM65TXUnlocated
Granton, William T.EM69-70 MLNA
Granville, Otis E.EM67-68TXUnlocated
Gravelle, Douglas W.EM70MNMLNA
Gray, Johnny J.EM70TXMLNA
Green, JimmyEM69NCUnlocated
Green, Perry P.EM66-67FL, GAUnlocated
Green, SamuelEM71VAUnlocated
Green, William H.OF66 LOCATED
Greene, Ronald D.EM66-67VAUnlocated
Gregory, Robert E.EM68-69FL, NCUnlocated
Gresham, Billie C.EM65 Unlocated
Griffin, IsaacEM65-66FLUnlocated
Griffis, Lester T.WO65-66 Unlocated
Griggs, Brian E.EM70MAUnlocated
Griggs, Steve F.EM69MTMLNA
Grimaldi, John J.EM67-68ILLOCATED
Groce ?, William F.EM66-67GA, MA, NYUnlocated
Gross, Jack D.EM66-67FLLOCATED
Grounds, George E.EM65 Unlocated
Guard, Michael K.EM66-67NDUnlocated
Haase, David K.EM70TXMLNA
Hakala, Michael I.EM66-67CAUnlocated
Hakala, Michael T.EM66-67CAUnlocated
Hakala, Recmael I.EM66-67 Unlocated
Hall, EdgarEM69-70 Unlocated
Hall, William H.EM68-69MS, SCUnlocated
Hamaishi, David K.EM65HI, PR, AKUnlocated
Hardin, BillyEM70-71 Unlocated
Harlow, ThomasEM70CAUnlocated
Harmon, Sr., Robert J.OF71NYMLNA
Harriel, Henry A.EM71FLUnlocated
Harrison, Raymond L.EM66-67FL, GALOCATED
Haselton, William L.EM71INUnlocated
Hawkins, GeraldEM65-66MOUnlocated
Hayes, Howard E.EM71ILMLNA
Heady, John C.EM70-71 LOCATED
Hemrick, William L.EM65 Unlocated
Henderson, Donald G.EM65-66VAUnlocated
Henkemeyer, ThomasEM68-69NDUnlocated
Henry, Dennis C.EM69-70WILOCATED
Hernandez, John R.EM65-66TXUnlocated
Hickman, Steven D.EM69-70CAUnlocated
Hicks, Alvin L.EM66-67 Unlocated
Hill, Robert L.EM65 Unlocated
Hilliard, Marvin S.OF70-71GAMLNA
Hinton, Robert E.EM65-66INUnlocated
Hoag, Davy V.EM69-70OKUnlocated
Hoagland, David C.EM65NJ, NYUnlocated
Hodge, Lonnie R.EM69ARUnlocated
Holcomb, Carl H.EM65 Unlocated
Holcomb, Jerry T.EM67-68FLUnlocated
Holleran, James F.EM66-67MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Holloway, Frederic D.EM65OHUnlocated
Holloway, Roy L.EM66-67CO, IL, IN, MOUnlocated
Holz, Howard W.EM69-70WAUnlocated
Hopper, Victor E.EM71OHUnlocated
Hose, Larry E.EM68-69MD, NJ, NYUnlocated
Houd, James M.EM68-69 Unlocated
Hoyt, Kenneth F.EM69-70CTMLNA
Hudson, Robert L.EM66-67CO, IL, IN, MOUnlocated
Hulse, GeorgeEM69-70 LOCATED
Humphrey, Billy M.EM71KYUnlocated
Hunter, PhillipEM66-67 Unlocated
Huron, Rodger C.EM68-69 MLNA
Hurst, Howard J.EM66-67CA, MTUnlocated
Hyatt, James E.EM66-67CAUnlocated
Ikei, Jesse I.EM65-66HIUnlocated
Ireland, William G.EM68-69VAMLNA
Ives, Jimmy D.EM68MOUnlocated
Jackson, Bernard C.EM65 Unlocated
Jackson, GeneEM70-71AZUnlocated
Jackson, Thurman E.EM66 Unlocated
James, MichaelEM68VAUnlocated
Jefferies, Larry D.OF65 Unlocated
Jefferson, Gary M.EM71VAMLNA
Jeffries, Harry T.EM66TNUnlocated
Johns, Harry D.EM65-66FLUnlocated
Johns, Robert T.EM70NJLOCATED
Johnson, Dean L.EM70WAUnlocated
Johnson, Glenn H.EM70-71CTLOCATED
Johnson, H. EricEM68WIMLNA
Johnson, HenryEM68-69CAUnlocated
Johnson, KellyEM66-67MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Jones, Bernard L.EM65 Unlocated
Jones, C.T.WO65-66 Unlocated
Jones, JamesEM68-69CAUnlocated
Jones, Joe R.EM70TNUnlocated
Jones, Russell L.EM66INUnlocated
Jones, Stephen H.EM65-66CAUnlocated
Judd, Sandy M.EM69NCUnlocated
Kagawa, FrankWO70-71 LOCATED
Kallhoff, Bernard L.EM69NEUnlocated
Kealey, David E.EM66 Unlocated
Keene, Michael F.EM68MEUnlocated
Keeney, BillEM66MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Kekipi, Harold J.EM66 Unlocated
Kelly, Timothy E.EM67-68ILUnlocated
Kemp, BillyEM65 Unlocated
Kendall, William C.EM67-68 Unlocated
Kilby, ClaudeEM67-68 LOCATED
King, Edward D.OF66GAUnlocated
King, William M.EM66-67 Unlocated
Koonce, Phillip G.EM65-66 LOCATED
Lack, James F.EM65-66TXUnlocated
Lacy, WarrenEM68-69VALOCATED
Lampman, RichardEM69-70 LOCATED
Land, Eugene E.EM67-68 Unlocated
Lane, Donald E.EM66ILUnlocated
Lanham, Fisher W.EM70WVUnlocated
Lapointe, James C.EM70FLLOCATED
Laramee, Edwin W.EM65CTLOCATED
Lavelle, James P.EM69-70PALOCATED
Lawson, Barry R.WO67-68 LOCATED
Lawson, HarleyEM69GAMLNA
Leard, Douglas L.EM65 Unlocated
Lebalbo, SalvatoreEM67-68MA, NJDeceased
LeCount, Gary J.WO70-71WAUnlocated
Lee, BillWO65-66 LOCATED
Lee, Roy A.EM66-67FL, GAUnlocated
Leindecker, Charles W.EM71ILUnlocated
Leland, Bert G.EM65-66ILUnlocated
Leone, John L.EM67-68NJLOCATED
Lewis, LawrenceEM65 Unlocated
Lilly, Dwight A.EM66-67NCUnlocated
Lismore, Jerry L.EM65-67MEUnlocated
Litwinczuk, AlexanderEM65-66CTDeceased
Long, Donald F.EM65MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Lopez, Rufus A.EM67-68 LOCATED
Lowe, Duane R.EM69-70ORUnlocated
Lucero, Alejandro C.EM69-70NMUnlocated
Luke, Jr., Joseph J.EM65-66CTUnlocated
Lyell, Ronald H.EM68-69 MLNA
Malone, James C.EM65OHUnlocated
Maloon, Richard E.EM67-68MEMLNA
Marlett, Steven C.EM65-66TXUnlocated
Marley, Roger D.EM67-69COMLNA
Maronay, Gary W.EM66-67TXUnlocated
Martin, Ralph M.EM68ILUnlocated
Martinez, ArthroEM66-67 Unlocated
Martinez, ArturoEM66 Unlocated
Mathews, James E.EM65 Unlocated
Mawlum, William J.EM66-67CA, MTUnlocated
May, David P.EM68-69 Unlocated
Mays, Paul W.EM68-69 Unlocated
Mazur, Gregory L.EM66-67ILUnlocated
McAdams, WalterEM65-66TNUnlocated
McCarthy, MichaelEM71CAUnlocated
McClintock, David E.EM65 Unlocated
McConnel, Paul A.EM66-67CA, MTUnlocated
McCormick, Robert W.EM65 Unlocated
McCoy, Kenneth W.EM66-67AZ, CAUnlocated
McCoy, Robert H.EM65INUnlocated
McDaniel, William C.EM65-66CA, MTUnlocated
McGinnis, DehneOF68 MLNA
McGurraghn, JimWO70-71 Unlocated
McKenna, LawrenceEM67-68GA, MA, NYUnlocated
McKinney, Robert L.EM68-69 Unlocated
McLlvenna, JimEM66 MLNA
McQuaid, Calvin C.EM65-66NDUnlocated
Medina, FernandoEM65 Unlocated
Meitus, Michael P.EM69-70 LOCATED
Melton, Donald W.EM66-67 Unlocated
Meneard, LouieEM67-68 Unlocated
Menezes, LouisEM67-68CAUnlocated
Metz, Eugene L.EM65 Unlocated
Mialer, William E.EM69-70 Unlocated
Michaelson, George E.EM66 Unlocated
Michehl, David H.EM70ILUnlocated
Miller, Jackie W.EM66-67CAUnlocated
Miller, Stephen G.EM69-70PAMLNA
Miller, William E.EM70ORUnlocated
Miller, William G.EM69NCUnlocated
Millwood, Edward L.EM65MSLOCATED
Mitchell, Timothy P.EM66-67CA, MTUnlocated
Mobley, Bobby B.EM65 Unlocated
Moehring, James A.EM69OHUnlocated
Montgomery, DennisEM68ALLOCATED
Montgomery, DennisEM68-69AZ, CA, OR, WALOCATED
Moore, Arnold Y.EM71NCUnlocated
Moore, Roger L.EM70WVUnlocated
Moore, Jr., Joel C.OF70-71OKMLNA
Morgan, Arthur E.WO68-69ILMLNA
Morreall, Frederick J.WO69-70NYMLNA
Morrell, Jesse D.EM65 Unlocated
Morris, Archie A.EM67-68SCUnlocated
Murray, Edward E.EM65CT, NJ, RIUnlocated
Murray, Gary F.EM66-67 Unlocated
Myers, Irvin G.EM65 LOCATED
Nakata, Andrew Y.OF70HIUnlocated
Neal, Ronald D.EM65TXUnlocated
Neideffer, ClaireEM65-66CA, MTLOCATED
Neris, Juan C.EM71 Unlocated
Nesmith, Marion J.WO71VALOCATED
Nester, Lawrence E.EM71ILUnlocated
Nevener, III., John J.EM66-67 Unlocated
Newton, Dennis E.EM66-67CO, IL, IN, MOLOCATED
Nice, Patrick L.EM70OHMLNA
Nichols, Michael E.EM69TXUnlocated
Noble, Robert B.EM65-66GA, MA, NYUnlocated
Nolton, Joe E.EM65 Unlocated
Nordell, Donald B.EM65-66CT,NJ,RIUnlocated
Notter, Carl E.EM65-66OHDeceased
Nowak, Timothy J.EM67-68NJUnlocated
Nunez, Johnny B.EM70TXMLNA
O'Dell, Earl T.EM69-70 Unlocated
O'Neal, Jr., ClydeEM65-66MS, SCUnlocated
Ochoa, Benjamin L.EM68-69CAUnlocated
Olson, Clifford B.EM66-67ILUnlocated
Otts, James M.EM65-66CA, MTUnlocated
Over, Douglas K.EM65-66NDUnlocated
Owens, Charles A.EM71MAUnlocated
Owens, Thomas C.EM66-67 Unlocated
Palmer, Robert E.EM65CA, MTUnlocated
Pangilinan, David J.EM68-69NCUnlocated
Pannell, Ernest E.EM65TXUnlocated
Patterson, Roger R.EM66-67ILUnlocated
Patton, Robert C.WO65 Unlocated
Peck, Earl R.EM65VTUnlocated
Penualas, Victor J.EM65CAUnlocated
Pepper, Robert O.EM69-70COMLNA
Perscell, John M.EM65 Deceased
Peterson, Gerald L.OF66 Unlocated
Pichuld ?, RalphEM65-66CTUnlocated
Pierce, Ralph J.EM68-69 Unlocated
Pinkney, HarveyEM65NJ, NYUnlocated
Pinney, Marle D.EM65-66CA, MTUnlocated
Pitts, Clarence T.EM65 Unlocated
Plourde, Roger L.EM65CT, NJ, RIUnlocated
Pollard, R.B.EM65 Unlocated
Pope, James M.EM65-66MS, SCUnlocated
Porter, Charles A.EM65 Unlocated
Porter, John R.EM68-69OHUnlocated
Powell, Kenneth R.EM65-66TXUnlocated
Powell, Warren A.WO68-69 Unlocated
Prince, Walter H.EM69-70TNUnlocated
Pritchett, Billy H.EM71INMLNA
Raasio, Donald G.EM66-67ILUnlocated
Rainwater, Edward L.EM65 Unlocated
Ramirez, Jr., Rafael S.EM65-66CTUnlocated
Reese, LawrenceWO67 Unlocated
Renaud, William R.EM71 MLNA
Reyes, Jr., JulioEM65-66TXUnlocated
Rhoads, Dale R.EM65TXUnlocated
Rice, TedEM65 MLNA
Richardson, Carl A.EM67-68 Unlocated
Ritter, Robert P.EM66 Unlocated
Roberts, James H.EM65-66MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Roberts, Wayne K.EM66-67PAUnlocated
Robertson, David C.EM66-67FL, GAUnlocated
Robinson, David L.WO67 Unlocated
Robinson, Elmer R.EM65-66TXUnlocated
Robinson, Richard T.EM65-66MEUnlocated
Rodgers, Julius D.EM67-68 Unlocated
Rogers, William T.EM66 Unlocated
Rollock, Thomas H.EM68-69NJUnlocated
Rose, NorelEM67-68 LOCATED
Rose, Terry L.EM66-67ILUnlocated
Rosselli, James V.EM68-69FL, MA, OHUnlocated
Roth, Donald W.EM65-66MS, SCUnlocated
Roy, Carlton F.EM65 Unlocated
Ruis, Dale A.EM65AZ, CAUnlocated
Runyon, ScottEM68-69 LOCATED
Russell, William L.EM68-69CO, IL, IN, MO,Unlocated
S?ifer, Gregory L.EM70ORUnlocated
Salazar, JesseEM71 MLNA
Samuel, Ferguson B.EM69NMUnlocated
San Nicolas, EnriqueEM65HIUnlocated
Sanchez / Medicis, Otoniel L.EM69-70NYUnlocated
Sands, Walter W.EM71 LOCATED
Sauls, Don L.EM71TNUnlocated
Schaeffer, John R.EM67-68AL, CAUnlocated
Schiller, Joseph J.EM65-66 Unlocated
Schlanderer, Arthur P.EM65INUnlocated
Schmieder, James T.EM68INUnlocated
Scholl, Stewart G.EM69NYUnlocated
Schroder, Edward J.EM69-70PAUnlocated
Schroeder, Vergil C.EM69-70 Unlocated
Schuler, Burr L.EM65 Unlocated
Schultz, James B.WO68-69 Unlocated
Schumack, Robert S.EM67-68NJUnlocated
Schwab, George J.EM66 Unlocated
Schwartz, Tatsuo K.EM65 Unlocated
Schweizer, Gary F.EM66-67MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Scott, LeroyEM69-70 Unlocated
Scott, Mark E.EM67CTUnlocated
Scott, Richard I.EM66-67ILUnlocated
Scott, Sr., LeroyEM70LAUnlocated
Seid, Joseph J.EM70NYUnlocated
Sessoms, Lawrence T.EM65-66FLUnlocated
Shedrick, Ronald J.EM65 Unlocated
Sheldon, Edward A.EM66-67HI, PR, AKUnlocated
Sherar, Gregory P.EM67-68CT, NJ, RIUnlocated
Shumaker, John D.EM65PAUnlocated
Siele, Jonn R.EM66-67 Unlocated
Siffel, III., Stephen J.EM65-66VADeceased
Sifford, James D.EM66-67TNUnlocated
Skelton, John G.EM71PRUnlocated
Slater, II., William H.EM65-66CA, MTUnlocated
Smidei-Velez, LuisEM65-66PRUnlocated
Smith, Charles B.EM68-69TXUnlocated
Smith, Charles D.EM69-70LAMLNA
Smith, Charles E.EM65 Unlocated
Smith, Fredrick L.EM65-66ILLOCATED
Smith, George A.WO68-69PALOCATED
Smith, James D.EM67-68 Unlocated
Smith, Jay L.EM66-67ILUnlocated
Smith, Michael B.EM67-68CO, IL, IN, MO,Unlocated
Smith, Robert C.EM71FLUnlocated
Smith, RoyEM66FLUnlocated
Smith, Virgil L.EM65-66IA, MO, ND, SDLOCATED
Smith, William C.EM65-66MD, OH, PAUnlocated
Smith, Jr., Paul R.EM69-70OHUnlocated
Snuffer, Darrell A.EM68-69MDLOCATED
Sowders, DelmerEM65-66FLUnlocated
Spears, Richard L.EM68-69TNUnlocated
Spears, Robert L.EM68-69TNUnlocated
Spooner, Vincent T.EM65-66MEUnlocated
Stach, EmilEM65-66 LOCATED
Stanley, Robert L.EM65-66AZ, CAUnlocated
Statkus, Gerald F.A.EM65TXDeceased
Staton, Jesse J.EM68-69MA, NJUnlocated
Stele, Jonn R.EM66-67NJUnlocated
Stevens, Jr., Gerald D.EM65INUnlocated
Stoddard, Jr., LarryEM65-66MS, SCUnlocated
Stofferan, Jr., Marvin R.EM71IAMLNA
Stogner, HarryEM70-71 Unlocated
Stone, James C.EM70SCUnlocated
Straw, Jr., David F.EM68MAUnlocated
Strayhorn, EdwardEM66-67MS, SCUnlocated
Stringer, Robert L.EM65 Unlocated
Strother, Joseph A.EM65 Unlocated
Stroud, Willis H.EM65 Unlocated
Sturdivant, John F.EM70KYUnlocated
Sundberg, Raymond G.OF71ILMLNA
Swalinski, Donald L.EM65-66PADeceased
Swartz, Dennis W.EM70ILUnlocated
Taoka, Galen K.EM68-69HIDeceased
Tasker, Russell E.EM71OHUnlocated
Taylor, Antonio N.EM68-69 Unlocated
Taylor, Arthur R.EM67-68CTUnlocated
Taylor, VernellEM66-67FLUnlocated
Tennant, Jerry J.EM66-67 Unlocated
Tharpe, Jr., Archie L.EM69-70MAUnlocated
Thatcher, Mason W.EM67AZ, CAUnlocated
Theobald, Rolland F.EM69-70 MLNA
Thierry, Norman C.EM65 Unlocated
Thomas, Michael R.EM65INUnlocated
Thomas, Robert L.EM67-68 Unlocated
Thomas, Terrill G.EM66-67ILUnlocated
Thompson, James A.EM65CTUnlocated
Thompson, RichardEM71OHUnlocated
Thompson, Jr., TheodoreEM69-70LAUnlocated
Thornton, Emmett C.EM65 Unlocated
Threlkild, George E.EM69-70MOUnlocated
Toole, MartinEM65-66 Unlocated
Toves, Frankie A.EM70GUAMMLNA
Townsend, Harry W.EM70-71MAUnlocated
Townsend, Harry W.EM70 LOCATED
Traversie, Leland D.EM66-67MOUnlocated
Trilip, Stanley G.EM65 Unlocated
Troyer, James M.EM68-69INMLNA
Tucker, Herman L.EM65 Unlocated
Turner, Larry D.EM66-67NDUnlocated
Turner, Walter T.EM71GAUnlocated
Van De Walle, Loren J.EM68-69 Unlocated
VanBlarcom, JohnEM65-66MS, SCUnlocated
Vandewalle, Loren J.EM68-69IAUnlocated
Vanhoose, JohnEM68-69CTUnlocated
Varney, Fred L.EM66 Unlocated
Velez / Rosado, MarianoEM70PRUnlocated
Ventanen, James R.EM68-69 Unlocated
Vernon, MurryEM65 Unlocated
Vidal, Jesus M.EM65 Unlocated
Wadford, Eddie T.EM71MSDeceased
Wagner, Arthur L.EM68-69AZUnlocated
Wagoner, Donald E.EM68-69 MLNA
Walker, James W.EM70GAUnlocated
Wallace, Will L.EM66-67CAUnlocated
Walls, Robert S.EM66-67 Unlocated
Ward, Robert E.EM66-67MSUnlocated
Warda, SamuelEM71CAUnlocated
Warych, Louis L.EM65 Deceased
Waters, Lamar B.EM65-66MS, SCUnlocated
Watson, CecilEM67-68AZ, CA, OR, WAUnlocated
Watson, Louis M.EM70TNUnlocated
Watters, Royal A.EM66AZ, CAUnlocated
Weber, Major E.WO65 Unlocated
Welsh, James I.EM66-67 MLNA
Wessels, Ronald L.EM70ORUnlocated
White, William H.EM66-67 Unlocated
Whitlock, Robert S.EM65-66 Unlocated
Williams, Ben M.EM66-67UTLOCATED
Williams, BennieEM67-68 Unlocated
Williams, James B.EM66FLUnlocated
Williams, Ray A.EM66-67 Unlocated
Williams, Richard L.OF66 Unlocated
Wilson, CornellEM66-67GAUnlocated
Wilson, William F.EM68-69AZUnlocated
Wilt, Harry A.EM67CT, NJ, RIUnlocated
Wohlfeil, Harry C.EM68-69CAUnlocated
Wood, Harrison H.EM65-66 Unlocated
Wood, Richard J.EM71NYUnlocated
Wright, Claude D.WO71PAUnlocated
Wright, Weldon R.EM66-67TXUnlocated
Wyles, Alfred B.EM65-66TXUnlocated
Yerheyen, PhilipEM70CAMLNA
Youngkin, RichardEM66-67AZUnlocated
Ziegler, Kenneth G.EM65-66OHUnlocated
Zimmerman, RonaldEM68-69OHUnlocated