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Rattler/Firebird Gunner Platoon Unit Roster from 1965

To the best of our knowledge, this roster is accurate. However, unit rosters often ran a month or more behind. In a very few cases, portions of the original were unreadable, so there are a few unknown items in the data. We are working on expanding this section of the site. If you can help fill in the blanks, please contact us.

Rattler/Firebird Gunner Platoon Unit Roster dated: Oct 1965
Clapper, RogerSGT E5  3 Dec 65
Cortes, Carlos A.SP4 E4  3 Dec 65
Dalao, AlbertSP4 E4  3 Dec 65
Davis, HaroldPFC E3  3 Dec 65
Dean, ThomasSSG E6  3 Dec 65
DeGroot, RichardPFC E3  3 Dec 65
Divers, Warren L.SGT E5  3 Dec 65
Douglas, Otis J.PFC E3  3 Dec 65
Dutton, Freddy W.PFC E3  3 Dec 65
Fielder, James L.SP4 E4  3 Dec 65
Hobkirk, Frank J.PFC E3  3 Dec 65
Kekipi, Harold J.K.PFC E3  3 Dec 65
Lee, Franclot T.SP4 E4  3 Dec 65
Martinez, Arturo JoeSP4 E4  3 Dec 65
McGee, Richard W.PFC E3  3 Dec 65
McNeil, WildonSP4 E4  3 Dec 65
Morris, RalphPFC E3  3 Dec 65
Murray, Charles A.1LT  3 Dec 65
Parks, Gary E.PFC E3  3 Dec 65
Robertson, James A.SGT E5  3 Dec 65
Senters, BobbySSG E6  3 Dec 65
Stavely, RogerSP4 E4  3 Dec 65
Stroup, James E.PFC E3  3 Dec 65
Sullivan, Grady L.PFC E3  3 Dec 65
Tilley, Ronald L.SSG E6  3 Dec 65
Viscaino, David G.PFC E3  3 Dec 65
Total Records Shown: 26

Unlocated Men

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Located Men

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