Rattler/Firebird Association

George Andrew Howes Memorial Service

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 Andy's remains and he were honored in Small Town, USA (Knox, Indiana). 350 people packed the Knox Community Center for a evening to honor CWO George Andrew Howes. From the funeral home, the casket was carried by Vietnam Veterans one block west and one block south to the Community Center. With military flags flanking the casket, the honor guard was alternated among Army, VFW, VVA and USMC personnel. The Indiana Patriot Guard provided the flag bearers along the two block procession route and inside the Center.

Pastor Squibb of the Knox Methodist Church gave the Opening Prayer and Benediction. Sister in Law Ann Howes provided a family's view of Andy. Firebird 99 Vic Bandini recalled flying with Andy in Vietnam and shared with those assembled a day in the life of a Firebird (gunship pilot). A cousin and brother Robert Howes gave short speeches recalling happy times during Andy's youth. The veterans in the audience departed first and led the others out to the street for evening 21 gun rifle salute.

Photos shown below are courtesy of John Mateyko.

Looking East, funeral home on left Looking south Center on far right Casket out of funeral home towards Center Bearers Casket between funeral home and Center Patriot Guardsman Ann Howes(white blouse) Entering the Community Center Firebird Carving in lobby of Center Plaque in lobby Coffin with VWF honor guard Coffiin with VVA honor guard Coffin with USMC honor guard Keynote Speaker Vic Bandini Vic Bandini Coffin in street for rifle salute To the hearse