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A Grave Site Visit

During the weekend of January 13-14, 2007, our own Vic Bandini and John Wilanski visited the grave site of Wayne Clouse Allen in Lowell, MA. Here is Vic's description of the visit.

Firebirds, et al - - - attached are two images from the past weekend in Lowell, MA. John Wiklanski and I visited Wayne Allen's grave site and left some Firebird memorabilia with American flags and a photo of Firebird gun ship #739.

Jade Oxton from the Lowell cemetery office provided us with a site map to find Wayne's grave (Allen family plot). Jane said no one from the Allen family has been in contact with the cemetery office regarding the recent findings. Government officials have contacted the Lowell cemetery office and (as Jane indicated) - Wayne's remains will be placed in the original site when received.

The weather was miserable - cold, dreary overcast with steady rain. We tried wiping the marker surface to apply the Firebird patch and pin with epoxy cement - John will return and re-apply in better weather. We scrapped away some of the overgrown mud and grass.

Best regards,
Vic Bandini

Vic Bandini and John Wilanski, January 14, 2007
Vic Bandini and John Wilanski at Wayne Clouse Allen's Grave

Wayne Clouse Allen's Grave
Wayne Clouse Allen's Grave