Rattler/Firebird Association

Remote Control Rattler

From 2004

Donnie Williamson, an Austin, Texas policeman, is in to remote control aircraft replicas. Donnie has purchased a UH-1D Huey kit from Airstar International – VarioUSA.

This Huey is seven feet long and powered by a weed-eater engine. Donnie contacted the Association asking for permission to display his aircraft as a Rattler. Numerous photos were sent to him for reproduction purposes. Because the photos sent him were from Ron Seabolt’s collection, Williamson’s aircraft will be displayed as a 1967 era Rattler 10.

Donnie has had gun mounts fabricated. He will also have four crewmen in the ship. This is a work in progress. As work continues on this project, more photos will be displayed.

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