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Ron Seabolt's Pictures

From 1966-67

64 total images

1st Platoon EM, May 1967, Front row: John Calvacca, Larry Smith, Peter Perez, John Lynch, Jerry Tippett, Don Profitt, Back row: Tom Knapp, Dennis Newton, Stan Larson, Marshall Ratliff, Richard Powell, John Cervinski, SSGT Larry Lackey Platoon Sgt Larry Lackey (EM66-69) Left to right: Major Gordon T. Carey, departing CO, 1SGT John H. Howell, and Major Robert L. Moseley, XO Lt. Dennis Hand, Cpt. Dave Carothers, W.O. Dave O'Quinn, W.O. Randy Billings, Dec '66 at Tay Ninh playing catch with a football, but Billings was too little to play! Frank Grosso (EM 68-69) Robert Mitchum, February 23, 1967. Seabolt's ship carried him all morning and was relieved by 2nd platoon aircraft. By dark, crew chief and gunner had to help him walk because everybody wanted to have a drink with Bob Mitchum. Louis Turja and David Harris in 1969 David Crowe in 1967 Conrad Howard and Dennis Hand in Tay Ninh, 1967. Conrad Howard died from cancer Nov 2, 1999. Driver: Larry Smith, Shotgun: Tom Knapp, hand on Cheek: Jay Wilhelm, Rear seat: Jerry Tippitt - 1967 Ron Seabolt at Bien Hoa in Feb 67 Lt Jack Horn, WO David O'Quinn, Lt Dennis Hand Ron Seabolt 1967 Mark Corker Chu Lai 1967-68 James Alsop, Firebird 92 Jan 69 - Jan 70, Tra Bong Cinnamon Harvest Kelly McHugh & Mike Calahan 1969 Bill Gross (2nd plt) and Shirley Whitehead (1st plt). Nu Bai Dinh (Black Virgin Moutain) way in the background (Tay Ninh) 1966 Jim Fielders & Wardell Rogers - 1967 WO Jerry Shirley with aircraft 189 May 15, 1967. Note bullet hole in lower portion of aircraft door. Ron Seabolt (cheesecake shot) claims to have had JP4 on his butt. Jan 2, 1967 Ralph Kuhnert, 2 Jan 67, was in aircraft behind Seabolt's. Bullet he is holding came through the instrument panel & hit him dead center of his chicken board. Caught small fragments in his eye. Instrument panel of Kuhnert's ship, 2 Jan 67. Hand, Flatten and Seabolt - 1967 Williams, Smitty and Bowman - 1966 John Lynch cooking lunch - 1967 Shirley, Martin, Whitehead, O'Quinn and Wyrosdick - 1967 Company Party at Bien Hoa, 1967 - Knapp standing at left, Paul Teelin standing at right, Seated, going around table, Gary Johnson, Ken Wiegand, Bill Holgerson, George Jackson, Jerry Shirley Charlie Barton, David McDaniels, Lou Becker, Randy Billings, Dennis Hand Tom Knapp 1967 David Robinson 1967 Gary Johnson and John Rennie 1967 Larry Smith 1967 Randy Billings and David O'Quinn 1967 Dave Carothers and Ed Johnson 1967 Wally Dunning and David O'Quinn 1967 Jerry Shirley Rattler 10 - 1967 Beryl Scott Rattler 19 - 1967 Wally Dunning Rattler 15 - 1967 Randy Billings Rattler 17 - 1967 Gary Johnson and Lowell Horning 1966 Pete Perez and John Lynch 1967 David McDaniels 1967 Powell, Thomas, Seabolt, Ratliff - 1967 Dunning, Holgerson, Billings, Seabolt - 1967 Seabolt, Knapp, Powell, Ratliff - 1967 Seabolt with his new air medal - 1967 Seabolt - 1967 Seabolt - 1967 Seabolt - 1967 Seabolt - 1967 (who that was giving him the rabbit ears? ... Rattler 10 ... Jerry Shirley?) Charlie Barton and David O'Quinn - 1967 Sgt Rogers and Bill Hennigan - 1967 Dave Carothers (the Aggie) - 1967 Jerry Tippitt - 1967 Major Woody Budig - 1968 Seabolt's last flight, going to Cam Ran Bay to go home, WO1 Beryl Scott said, "I'm gonna shot me an M-60 before I go home." He crawled behind the gun and cut loose.  Beryl Scott died Mar 4, 1997 of a heart attack. Bill Dailey and Ron Seabolt, March 15, 1968, Hunter AAF, Georgia Bailey Compound, home of the Rattlers and Firebirds from December 64 til November 66 71 AHC Company Area at Chu Lai in May 1967 (Note helicopter in center of photo) Snakepit at Bien Hoa - 1967 Flares and miniguns taken on the beach at Chu Lai looking south Operation Junction City, 22 Feb 67 - Tay Ninh Firebird nose art - 1967 .50 cal mounted on C&C aircraft in the summer of 1967 Aircraft that crashed with Anton, Carson, Pfister and Lewis. Anton's comments: 1. He saw only one hooch. Obviously it's a whole village. 2. The dikes were BIG! 3. Directly behind the helicopter, the light brown area on the right dike is the aircraft's first impact. 4. Pfister and Lewis went onto the trail stright in front of the aircraft. Anton went to the right front.