Rattler/Firebird Association

Roger Gary's Pictures

From 1970

40 total images

1st Battalion 71st Aviation Company Beach sign and perimeter post Firebirds Freedombird Inn Fun Capital Poster Grimes Counterman and Carr Huey Engine Huey Repair Larry Reynolds Military Dollar (MPC) Military Dollar (back) Rattler Maintenance Roger Gary and friends School Girls Snake Doctor Snake Pit Tien Binh Market Richard (Taco) Turja, Wayne Mangold and Jay Fullerton Wayne Lanham and friends Wayne Mangold Weapon of Choice Chico Marcano Chico Marcano 2004 Roger Gary, Terry Whitlow and unknown Luis Vallejo Jay Fullerton and friend Tech Supply Unknown Unknown Joel McCreless Richard Parker Unknown and Doug Carr Unknown Wayne Mangold and Chico Marcano Unknown Snake Doctor Crew Wayne Lanham Wayne's Place Unknown Wayne Mangold at the Beach