Rattler/Firebird Association

Phil Koonce's Pictures

From 1965-66

165 total images

bad crash out side baily compound vietnam-015 PHIL KOONCE crash going in for repair salvageing parts Bien Hoa Bien Hoa motor pool area Rattler Emblum tool room vietnam-031 olson / ? vietnam-033 vietnam-034 bien hoa phil- ? john Bracken bien hoa library vietnam-052 vietnam-053 BINGHAM [ was gunner with JOHN EK ] BINGHAM and ? new building in baily baily compound control tower from baily inside barrecks baily vietnam-061 rattlers flight line 118th hanger accross from 501th bien hoa vietnam-065 vietnam-066 vietnam-068 vietnam-073 bien hoa tire shop bien hoa gas station bien hoa local car wash bien hoa [mecong river] mecong river island living vietnam-080 vietnam-081 school kids down town BIEN HOA MORE SCHOOL KIDS 145th. headquarters piper observation plane bien hoa c130 bien hoa LOCAL PET AND ? civilian contractors quarters bien hoa flight line LOCAL CLEANING LADY gun fire ? leaving saigon for home my last views of vietnam sept. 1966 vietnam-104 vietnam-106 vietnam-107 vietnam-108 flying home on air franch DC-9 sept. 1966 tdy to ban me thout to ban me thout vietnam-112 vietnam-113 baily compound vietnam-118 orderly room f-4 baily/ bien hoa vietnam-124 phil / off time ? local pets /of baily compound JOHN SOWDERS [ Was a good friend would like to locate from either Tennessee or Kentucky] local bar / bien hoa 118th mess hall /bien hoa 501th maintaince hanger/bien hoa vietnam-149 vietnam-151 jungle view on way to vietnam aug. 1965 fuel stop at wake island to ban me thout refueling stop notice mountains in back ground phil and ? tdy ban me thout vietnam-167 vietnam-168 vietnam-170 vietnam-171 vietnam-172 501st flight line building stage for 1965 BOB HOPE christmas show vietnam-176 vietnam-177 vietnam-178 vietnam-179 vietnam-180 vietnam-181 vietnam-183 vietnam-184 vietnam-185 vietnam-186 vietnam-187 vietnam-188 vietnam-189 ban me thout local theater local vietnamese car[made in franch] back from mission comming in for troupe pick up [501st flight line]notice A1-E in foreground local insects [vietnamese ate them like candy] CH-47s sand bag duty in state side colors on way to LZ c-130 running up enging [looking from 501st hanger] local pet local vietnamese building crew fly over on way to ban me thout early in morning down town bien hoa south china sea stopped for refueling on way to ban me thout c-130 was taking off local sanpans local restaurant bien hoa vietnam-224 ? looks bad ! another hot mission vietnam-227 on the way fuel storge tanks the big boy has arried 501st Firebird with 40mm gernade luncher vietnam-233 air force maintaince area for a-1s back of 501st hanger A-1E skyraider[used in vietnam by vietnamese and american airforce] 501st hanger[john bracken and ?] baily compound water tower 501st flight line bailys medical building orderly room vietnamese christmas decor. 1965 baileys sand bag bunkers christmas tree sent from home 1965 I have seen a lot of these around from vietnam over the years Phil phil phil Phil phil[ john Bracken in back ground] phil and? in side our living quarters olson ? ? vietnam-280 UH-1D lycomeing T-53 tuboshaft 1500 shaft H. P engine phil waiting for work UH-1D insterment panel ? phil and ? sand bag detail vietnamese christmas decor. 1965 vietnamese christmas decor. 1965 ? ? ? stach news paper story about the Rattlers april 6 / 1966