Rattler/Firebird Association

Norm Pruett's Pictures

From 1970-71

27 total images

Norm Pruett (EM 71-71) Norm Pruett (EM 71-71) Norm Pruett (EM 71-71) Peterson and Pruett Kilby Petersen, Sandy, Johnson, King D. Rogers, King, Sandy Don, King, Sandy, Johnson, ? Bunker Sgt Ears Hooch maid Hooch maids Sick call after rocket attack Firebirds business card Shot of a cobra taken while hanging outside a huey TI check ride Chu lai hooch maid Chu Lai Sick Bay ChuLai 2 Quan Tri Convoy to Quan Tri Headed for Quan Tri Leaving Chu Lai hooch On road to Quan Tri Passn of the guard Quan Tri bunker 1971 Sgt Lopez 1971 Some of the Boys RVN 70-71