Rattler/Firebird Association

Larry Walters' Pictures

From 2012

Larry Walters was a crew chief with the Iowa National Guard who was very helpful in obtaining parts to restore the association's UH-1C. It turns out that Larry's Guard unit received at least two of our aircraft (66-15060 and 65-9534) that were subsequently destroyed during a severe thunderstorm in Iowa. Larry was the last crew chief of 66-15060. Here are a few photos that Larry was kind enough to share with us.

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060 before the storm, upgraded from UH-1C to UH-1M. 060 after the storm.  The after picture doesn't really show it but the entire left side of the fuselage is about one foot narrower.  The entire left gun mount is shoved up into the body.  The lower supports were pushed up into the fuel cell but the crash resistant bladder kept the fuel inside. The wall in Larry's shop. All that's left of 060