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John Mateyko's Pictures

From 1965-66

26 total images

John with helmet beside aircraft with Rattler on door John in right seat. Village on hill straw shacks to jet choppers - lots of culture. Morning after an all night firefight. Part of team we took into blow one of Charlie's bridges - ex V.C. C-123 whose left engine did not reverse upon landing Armor in the field. Long An's Province Chief's home. Saigon University. Lt. John Mateyko (Rattler 21) and CWO Richard Birnbach (Rattler11) Roommates for 6 months, friends for life. The original Snakepit, before the revetments. Bien Hoa Air Base The original gloss paint scheme. Rearming Firebirds in the field. Driving into Go Da Ha at 120 knots. Firebird in the air with the first subdued paint scheme Typical chopper pad at an advisor's village. Withers with his back to the camera. Anyone recognize any of the rest of the crew? Montangnard village in II Corps. CWO Tom Wolfe and Lt. John Mateyko on a rice paddy dike. Firebird in a rice paddy, ready to go. Rattlers in the foreground and a C-123 landing in the background. Firebird in flight. Lined up to refuel. Firebird landing. Left to right: Dick Birnbach, John Mateyko, and Jerry Withers Left to right: Lt. John Mateyko (Rattler 21), CWO Richard Day, LT Will Goin, SSG Name Unknown (WWII vet, 
				father of a Rattler Crew Chief), CWO Mike Stanley, CWO Jim Moore (Rattler 28), Ralph Kunnert. The sergeant
				came to the Snake Pit before an insertion of the 173rd. With the group of pilots in the photo, it was most
				likely taken in May-July 1966. (Courtesy of John Mateyko)