Rattler/Firebird Association

Joe Schenke's Pictures

From 1964-65

107 total images

CPT Jesse James Unknown, CWO John Clapp, CWO Micky Mason and CWO Roy Lowery Esqie, 1st Platoon Mascot Top of Nui Ba Din Firebird shooting rockets Lost sling load at Tay Ninh Bad day at Tay Ninh John Clapp and CWO Roy Lowery CWO Jerry Cobb at An Khe LT John Carlson at An Khe South China Sea between Qui Nhon & Nha Trang South China Sea South China Sea South China Sea Vung Tau (Cape St. Jacques) South China Sea Qui Nhon South China Sea Tay Ninh Airstrip Nui Ba Den Tay Ninh/Nui Ba Dinh in the background Staging area at Tay Ninh Airstrip South Vietnamese town An Loc? Lined up at Tay Ninh "V"s of Threes Near Cambodian Border Outpost on top of Nui Ba Den Start of Combat Assault from Tay Ninh Airstrip Razorback gunship of the 120th AML Combat Assault in a rice paddy Rice paddy LZ Coming into Saigon From Bien Hoa Highlands South China Sea Enroute to An Khe from Nha Trang Qui Nhon Highlands Highlands Close to Nha Trang Returning to Nha Trang Highlands "V" of 5 in the Highlands In the LZ in III Corp Approaching the LZ Firebird Rockets Orphan kid.  Notice live grenade on belt LZ marked by smoke Pagoda on hill between Bien Hoa and Saigon Nui Ba Den in Background Special Forces Pet Bear Special Forces Pet Bear Temple North of Saigon Formation heading for Nha Trang VN Clerk for Avionics Section Combat Assault in III Corp Village North of Saigon Operations Hootches for A/501st Bien Hoa helipad,  Note W.P smoke in background (L) Mickey Mason, (R)Allie Campbell Bien Hoa (L)Cap James(R)Cap Osborne Highlands Highlands between Qui Nhon and Nha Trang Highlands Near Pleiku Between An Khe and Nha Trang Highlands Sampan in the South China Sea Dredging equipment in the South China Sea Qui Nhon Between Pleiku and Nha Trang An Khe in preparation for the 1st Air Cav Sunset in An Khe An Khe in preparation for the 1st Air Cav Qui Nhon Sampans in the South China Sea South China Sea Highlands near Nha Trang South China Sea Sunset in the Highlands Highlands Tunnel Dog Highland between Qui Nhon and Pleiku Highlands Vietnamese girl in DaLat Lake in DaLat Lake in front of Olympic arena in DaLat Highlands around DaLat R & R Inn in DaLat Clerk with the Avionics Unit Company Clerk help in Bien Hoa A/501st compound clerk Combat Assault Enroute Bien Hoa to Pleiku Assembly at Tay Ninh Airstrip Tie down at Vung Tau airstrip Bien Hoa Airbase Combat assault NW of Saigon South China Sea Vung Tau Back Beach at Vung Tau South China Sea Mangroves near Vung Tau Vung Tau Back beach at Vung Tau 1st Lt. Joseph J. Schenke, Co.A.501 Avn Bn awarded the Air Medal by Lt. Col. Robert J. Cunningham, departing Co. 145th Anv. Bn at a recent Award Ceremony. The Captain to the left in the picture is Jesse James and the WO to the right of the picture is WO Brown.