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Jim Pfister's Pictures

From 1973

Photos when Pfister returned to the states in 1973.

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This is a picture of me just arriving at the hospital at Ft. Knox Ky and the nurse who greeted me in March 73. This is me and 2 other POW's that I met in Plantation Gardens and we were moved to Hanoi Hilton. Next to me is MSG Gowan captured in Hue and Conner who was a WO and chopper pilot. As you can tell, none of us were ready to talk about our to experiences yet and the press wanted to know everything. This is me at Ft. Knox Ky hospital with friend and escort Kenny Frasher. This is me arriving at Louisville Ky airport where I met Kenny Frasher, my escort and friend from childhood. I was then flown by helicopter to the Ft. Knox KY hospital. March 1973.