Rattler/Firebird Association

Jerry Withers' Pictures

From 1965-66

84 total images

Jerry Withers and Bob Mangum Aussies pick-up Aussies pick-up Burned out village Burned out village White phosphorus White phosphorus Airborne way in the 173rd around Bien Hoa Airborne way in the 173rd around Bien Hoa 1940692-R1-E032 1940692-R1-E028 Helio Portor Air America Bell 204 1940690-R2-E004 WO Waldo Price Snake Pit WO Withers WO Withers with C-Rations Mission Planning 1940690-R2-E013 WO Withers check ride A/C with LT Mateyko. Note Flight Helmet on right with tiger stripes - That's Mateyko's 1940690-R2-E018 Saigon 1940690-R2-E020 Conly St. Villa 1940690-R2-E024 1940690-R3-E025 WO Jerry Withers 1940690-R3-E027 WO Jerry Withers LT John Mateyko WO Jim Moore 1940690-R3-E031 1940690-R3-E032 Landing at Snake Pit to the South 1940690-R3-E034 Snake Doctor's Maintenance Operations Vung Tau C-130 1940692-R1-E003 Snakepit Operations 1940692-R1-E005 1940692-R1-E006 1940692-R1-E007 1940692-R1-E008 1940692-R1-E013 1940692-R1-E017 1940692-R1-E019 1940692-R1-E022 Vung Tau Bien Hoa An Loc or Tay Ninh? 1940692-R1-E031 1940692-R1-E034 1940692-R1-E035 CV2 Caribou 1940692-R1-E037 C-46 Commando 1940692-R1-E039 1940692-R1-E040 1940692-R1-E041 1940692-R1-E042 1940692-R1-E043 1940692-R1-E044 1940692-R1-E045 1940692-R1-E046 1940692-R1-E047 1940692-R1-E049 1940692-R1-E050 1940692-R1-E051 1940692-R1-E052 1940692-R1-E055 1940692-R1-E056 1940692-R1-E057 1940692-R1-E058 1940692-R1-E059 1940692-R1-E060 1940692-R1-E061 1940692-R1-E062 C-123 Provider CW2 Jerry Withers Steven Donnelly?, Jerry Withers, ??, ??