Rattler/Firebird Association

George Bailey's Pictures

From 1966-67

102 total images

Rattler's Welcome Nguyet and Sang Waitress-Bien Hoa Sang Nguyet and Sang 2 Portrait-Tay Ninh Portrait 2-Tay Ninh Family-Tay Ninh Coca Cola Seller-Tay Ninh Delta Girl Delta Boys 1 Delta Boys 2 Students in Tan An 1 Waterfront Plaza-Bien Hoa Bien Hoa-She rows with her feet Dockside-Bien Hoa Tan An Students in Tan An 2 Bien Hoa Peanut Hustlers Bien Hoa Peanut Hustler Bien Hoa Watermelon Hustler Bien Hoa Street Fish Market-Bien Hoa 1 Fish Market-Bien Hoa 2 Bien Hoa School Bird for Sale-Bien Hoa School's Out-Bien Hoa Bien Hoa-Waterfront Marketplace-Bien Hoa Market Girl-Bien Hoa Square in Bien Hoa Buddist Temple-Bien Hoa Street Scene-Bien Hoa 1 Street Scene-Bien Hoa 2 Houseboats-Bien Hoa Swamphouse-Bien Hoa Rail/Vehicle Bridge-Bien Hoa Vi Thanh 1 Vi Thanh 2 Flooded Delta Country Monsoon in Mekong Delta Flooded Mekong Delta Pedicabs in Saigon Saigon Scene Downtown Saigon Saigon Street Scene Cathedral in Saigon Hotel Row-Saigon Saigon Waterfront 1 Saigon Waterfront 2 Saigon Waterfront 3 Saigon Waterfront 4 Bu Dop Gate at Bu Dop Montagnard at Bu Dop Dinh Quan (Rock City) 1 Dinh Quan (Rock City) 2 Temple in Tay Ninh Niu Ba Den Nui Ba Den-Lenticular Cloud ARVN Dependents-Nui Ba Den Portrait-Nui Ba Den Two Generations-Nui Ba Den Housing on Nui Ba Den Inscriptions-Nui Ba Den Christmas '66-Tay Ninh Camp at Tay Ninh 1 Camp at Tay Ninh 2 Recondo Incident-Song Be. 1 Recondo Incident-Song Be. 2 Recondo Incident-Song Be. 3 Recondo Incident-Song Be. 4 Recondo Incident-Song Be. 5 Recondo Incident-Song Be. 6 Recondo Incident-Song Be. 7 Recondo Incident-Song Be. 8 Recondo Incident-Song Be. 9 Chinook slinging Huey Formation Flight Haspard Murphey, Arvid Shearer and George Bailey George Bailey and UH-1D Welch, bear and George Bailey George Bailey and Richard Bianchini George Bailey and Huey George Bailey and coconut George Bailey 1 George Bailey 2 George Bailey 3 George Bailey 4 George Bailey 5 Banks, ARVN, George Bailey and Welch Banks and Welch Moseley, Mateyko? and Gillespie Rattler George Bailey in Song Be Song Be Airstrip Buddist Temple-Song Be 2 Buddist Temple-Song Be 1 Tom Schneider and Wreck Thanksgiving on Con Li St. Mini-Gun and Rockets Bien Hoa Girls