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From 1967-68

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17416 before the yellow strip may68 600 round ammo can for gun 71st officer club 80 knots i was in driver seat Hauling Ass and Trash a 4d mars sta a 4s  2 a 4s a shau vally aerial view 1 aerial view 2 aerial view after a sniffer mission aid station and flying crane aid station sf camp air plane air strike aircraft 026 another good place to get shot at with .51 cal another load to center another lz f.b. areial view and loaded with .51 cal. aaa around phu bai around phu bai 2 around phu bai arresting cable by snake pit arresting cable spools arresting cables artillary arty strike 1 arty strike arvn camp arvn cv outpost arvn outpost west of west at chu lai water point b 52 aftermath b 52 bombing baldy 1 baldy bunker beach shot 1 beach shot beach before sunrise at lz center before sunrise flight around 5am blown bridge north of chu lai bob hope 1967 bob hope 2 1967 bomb craters vally below center broken engine broken phamtom broken phantom 1 broken phantom 2 bunker before tet burnt up engine no_oil line missing burnt up engine by the beach cam ranh 2 cam ranh randr depart station cam ranh camp eagle 1 camp eagle 2 camp eagle 3 camp eagle 4 camp eagle cement plant da nang cemetery 1 center or west cessna skymaster ch 47 ch 53 china beach da nang china sea around binh son chinook at center chinook unloading troops chinook chu lai 8000 agl chu lai 8000 ft agl chu lai airfield chu lai guard tower i think chuck carlock cleaning day coal mine around hiep duc coal mine around coal mine hiep duc coming in to baldy coming in to s.f. camp da nang coming into another firebase company area 1967 company at 0500 company city block company form secondary road company main enter company stage crewchief stuff da nang harbour 2 da nang harbour da nang river to ocean danang marine station dark dead helocopter dong ha dont recall yet dont recall douglas a 26 invader early morning at houtch early morning at rossnight flares early morning eric johnson loading up. apr. 68 early morning of tet about 0500 if you look real close thats me early morning prep early morning ed and i dont remember ed before green t shirts ed by houtch 1 ed by houtch ed dec 1967 ed evening in company area ed filter cleaning ed mills 1 1968 ed mills 1 ed mills 1967 around dec 25 ed mills 1967 ed mills 2 ed mills 3 ed mills dec 67 ed mills flying mug shot 1967 ed mills flying profile 1967 ed mills june 1968 ed mills loosing weight 1968 ed mills march 1968 ed mills new crew chief 1967 ed mills posing ed mills rick johnson ed mills self portrait 1 ed mills self portrait ed mills sr. around gia vuc ed mills standing by ed more cc stuff ed painting 416 on tail ed standing by   gia vuc ed time exp. 1 ed time exp. 2 ed time exp. em club r and r station camranh enjoying the country side yea right eric johnson 1 1968 eric johnson 2 1968 eric johnson big knife evening not flying evening f 4 f.n.g rick ed fac leaving early morning filling sandbags firebase baldy firebase center high up firebase east maybe firebase not sure firebase where forgot firebasenot sure where flare standy early morning flight line 1 flight line 2 flight line 3 flight line jet taxie by flying crane 2 flying high i corp flying high to get cooled off flying over monkey to danang fog is closing in front door of our goverment housing going somewhere aircraft 108 going to tai pei grass up to your ass grunts at baldy guard tower s.f. canp gun ship chu lai hau duc area hauling ass and trash 1 hauling ass and trash hauling more t and a headint to firebsae heli pad 2 heli pad s.f. 1 heli pad s.f. camp heli pad s.f. n.west view helicopter remains south east hillbaldy helicopter remains hiep duc 1 hiep duc high over a.o. highway 1 north of monkey mountain towards phu bai hoi an 1 hoi an 2 hoi an hospital ship 1 hospital ship danang river houtch maid hue 1968 hue after battle 1968 hue after tet 1968 hue arvns back in after tet 1968 hue battle damage 1968 1 hue battle damage 1968 2 hue battle damage 1968 hue breached wall hue church 1 hue church and dorms hue church closeup hue church hue collage dorm 1968 hue feb. 1968 1 hue feb. 1968 hue feb.1968 2 hue feb.1968 3 hue high above march 1968 hue high view 1968 hue inside the palace 1968 mar. hue inside the wall hue moat crossing hue more damage mar.1968 hue old part hue outer moat hue palace graves hue palace graveyard hue palace hue palacefeb.1968 hue part of the college hue perfume river 1968. feb. hue some damage 1968 mar. hue undamaged church 1 hue undamaged church hue university hue water plant 2 hue water plant hue1968 march human waste burn cahn rahn i dont remember 1 i dont remember firebase i think thong duc img_2099 img_2238 img_2315 img_2368 img_2374 img_2375 img_2377 img_2378 img_2380 img_2381 img_2382 img_2383 img_2384 img_2385 img_2386 img_2387 img_2389 img_2449 in route to somewhere japaneese power station just out of maintance kha sanh kham duc 1 kham duc 10 kham duc 11 kham duc 12 kham duc 13 kham duc 14 kham duc 15 kham duc 16 kham duc 17 kham duc 18 kham duc 19 kham duc 2 kham duc 3 kham duc 4 kham duc 5 kham duc 6 kham duc 7 kham duc 8 kham duc 9 kham duc khe sanh kill  1 kill  2 learning to fly leaving for r and r chu lai left chin bubble 1 left chin bubble locals looking back looking down from 300ft looking down looking east from tam ky looking east fron north padbaldy looking north west at flight line looking north west from an hoa looking north west from center bad area looking out to the right looking south west from flight line looking toward the americal hq. looking west from tamky looking west fromtam ky looking west lz ross 9000 agl mai lai before it was famous marine heli port 1 marine heli port 2 danang marine heli port 3 marine skyhawk marines busted ship danang mars station da nang mess hall rattlers mihn long monsoons more rain coming more remains morning of tet 1 morning of tet 2 morning of tet mountain pass north da nang my bunk my foot and overgrowth my locker new corba ah 1 nice area nice shirt june 1968 north of monkey mountain danang north pad on center looking n.w. nva prisioner 1 nva prisoner off the northwest side of baldy on ramp at cam ranh on the beach out and about doing our thing out and about in i corp out the back of c 130 out the right side out the window out to the sea from danang har out window ov 10 mohawk overcast in mountains overexposedcompany area parked rattler playboy calander june 1968 playing around after sniffer mission rain is comming rattler ramp rattlers at rest flight line ready for guard duty 1968 real early remains rice paddies south of chu lai rick johnson feb 68 rick johnson gunnered mills crewchief 1968 roger kucera 1 ross tared tarmik s. china sea south of chu lai s.e. from ross s.f. camp waiting passenger s.f. camp west of son ha s.f. from top of ship scenic scout helicopter snake pit sea bees camp 2 sea bees camp da nang see the people in the trees self portrait timed 1968 shuter i think later1968 skyhawk catching cable skyhawk caught cable skyhawk flight line skyhawk landing skyhawk taxi flight line skymaster after sniffer job snake pit tarmac soccor field at quang ngai sombody taking a nap in houtch somemore little daytime buddies somewhere wesr of an hoa 1 somewhere west of an hoa son ha west of quang ngai south china sea from 500 asl south of chu lai 7000ft agl south of chu lai south of hue north of danang south pad at baldy looking s.e. southwest off baldy stagging atam ky stand down day still holding 1 still learning still waiting notice engine is running tailrotor repair in the field tall grass see the man tall grass tam ky ca line up tam ky telephoto of area telephoto of beach telephoto of company sidwalk telephoto sidewalk company this guy again 1 this guy again to the rear hazy day two f 4s up high with a telephoto lens uso 1 uso 2 uso 3 uso 4 uso 5 uso 6 uso 7 uso 8 uso diania dawn aussi show company beach uso on beach v c prisioners v c village vc and nva country waiting for pilot waiting for r and r cam ranh waiting to get shot at wash day water point chu lai 2 water point chu lai water tank way north s.f. camp way up north way west of gia vuc west of an hoa who and rick johnson 1968 worn blade