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From 1967-68

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scan0010 scan0011 scan0012 scan0013 scan0014 scan0015 scan0016 scan0017 scan0018 Bob Hope Christmas Show - 1967 Company area entrance 1967-68 Combat assault line up near Tam Key, 1968 Snakepit - Ed helped build the hanger in November 1967 Aircraft number 654, one of three ships Ed had LZ Ross looking south Vietnamese farm tractor (water buffalo) Company area 1967-68 Ed Mills on cleanup day Blown engine - LZ Ross, May 1968 Roger Kucera Ed holding while pilots are briefed Fuel Stop - Eric Johnson, 1968 Roger Kucera, 1968 A rainy day at the snake pit Kham Duc Ed's first bullet hole Dale Engle and Jim Malek at Minh Long with a new H model Soccer field at Quang Ngai MACV compound Castle with a new H model China Beach at Da Nang Ashau Valley looking northeast from the west end NVA prisoner Thong Duc Aircraft 416 gets its first bullet hole Special Forces camp at Minh Long Body Count Dianna Dawn beach show in the company area Ed Mills and Eric Johnson, 1st platoon Anton, Phister, Lewis and Carson crash site Doughnut Dollies French coal mine at Knog Du Vohk Very close to the DMZ A landing zone in Laos Kham Duc - our little buddies! Time for fuel, "Rattler 10 body fluid on ground" Early morning breakfast (chocolate milk) Overlapping rotor blades with Roger Kucera at the controls Body bag (full) Marble Mountain at Da Nang Happy Valley? Ed Mills at LZ Center David Graham at LZ Center Boxcars Chinook resupply at LZ Center ARVN outpost west of LZ center Laos jungle Kham Duc from 10,000 feet Missing link tail rotor Link repair in progress "Special" cargo (in case you can't quite make it out, it's cases of booze) B-3 can Rattler shadows on the ground Coming back from a combat assault Old French runway by Kham Duc Coming back from a sniffer mission Aircraft 416 at Minh Long The Citadel at Hue Hue right after the Tet offensive in 1968 Hue A church at Hue The "moat" at Hue Ashau Valley from the west Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos Chuck Carlock Al Ruter - 1968 The E.M. duty roster My Lai My Lai Montagnard Village Diamondbacks Looking out the window on the way home. * ? and Chris Palmer on right * * Bill Patrick * * Eric Johnson and aircraft 803 * * Ed Mills and aircraft 803 * * ?, Eric Johnson and Wes Johnson * * Aircraft 413 taken from aircraft 416 on a combat assault * * Larry Smith * * Ed Mills doing a little maintenance * * One of the few times six Firebirds were flying at once - June 1968 * * FNG in the 1st Platoon - Who is he? * * Aircraft 803 on the south pad at LZ Center * * Who is he and what are those marks on the windshield (like we don't know) * * Closeup of the marks on the windshield * * Looking into North Vietnam from north of Quang Tri - June 1968 * * FNG in August or September 1968 - who is he? * * Another sniffer mission * * V.C. hang out "Hoa An" * * Who is this? 1st platoon in July or August 1968 * * One of twelve full moons * * Flowers in the wire * * A convoy hits a mine * * A half hour of rain in the Snake Pit * * "Home Town" at Chu Lai in February 1968 * * Surrounded by tanks - look close *