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UH-1M Gunship with stabilizer bar missing after a field landing by Firebird 98 in 1971 Mountains and Clouds in the Fall of 1971 near Chu Lai U.S. Marine firebase on Hill 510 in April of 1971 Pilot briefing for Lam Son 719 at Khe Sanh in Mar/Apr 1971 Huey taking off from Hill 510 in April of 1971 Huey on approach to Hill 510 in April of 1971 Chinook on approach to Hill 510 in April of 1971 Bunkers on Hill 510 in April of 1971 Hill 510 in April of 1971


Firebird business card If this doesn't scare you, what the hell will? The jungle has eyes and we know where you are.


Quang Tri to Khe San - 1971 Da Nang to Hue - 1971 Chu Lai south - 1971 Chu Lai north - 1971 C-130 re-supply and in-country troops. Support Lam Son 719 field operation 71 AHC Rattler field HQ, 1st Sgt 'shorter man' Tents for mess hall, EM quarters/ tents Field Rattlers Movie screen and perimeter with towers in back ground Mess tent Mess hall and company area Sleep when EM can get it, overworked- combat load Doug Decker, 2nd tour, in country transfer, 'New guy' again Rattlers in long tactical trail in Laos Cobras @ Khe Sanh Near the border west of Khe Sanh, smoke is our destination, bad place Heavy lift @ Khe Sanh, CH54 and CH 47 71st pilot briefing at Khe Sanh Catholic church near Hue/Phu Bai airport Along perfume River, train smoke, Phu Bai south of Hue Perfume river Phu Bai Flying over Citadel looking at town, Hue Coastal 'Relocation' town to 'Protect people' south of DaNang 'Protectors' at relocation 'town' Fence at 'vill' in valley southwest of Da Nang Bomb/arty craters in valley southwest of Da Nang CH 47 @ Marine FSB as it converts to Army base Recoilless rifle & bunkers @ marine FSB Doug Decker 'Rattler 44' Doug starts check out into UH-1C & M gunships, Firebird 98 Gunship Artwork either Firebird or Shark? 71st 'Firebird 'M' model stabilizer bar and cable broke off while in enemy contact. Found out this was the 3rd time for this aircraft! Recovered 5 minutes before mortars landed. SW of Da Nang Proof - Doug as AC Firebird 98, actually did some work! Doug Decker - Shark 4 gunship pilot AC- later part of tour Doug Decker - thinner compared to initial part of 2nd tour Doug with 'hog'- 40mm- got to fire it at last 40 mm hitting beach on 'Firing Day' coast south of Chu Lai 2.75 FFAR 17# warhead rockets in route to hillside- Chu Lai Shark Gunship & rocket hits on coast line- Chu Lai Dissipating smoke from rocket hits Rocket burn toward hillside Rocket hit of 17 pound'er Door gunner constant fire into coastal water, barrel turned BLUE 'Sharks' in formation after 'Firing Day' Chu Lai Shell casing clean out of nose from door guns, banging off pilots! Doug in UH-1C or M- 71st Firebird  gunship Mess hall Chu Lai Mountain cloud 'overflow'. Near Chu Lai Airborne view near Chu Lai Coast line south of Chu Lai 'Truck', Cpt. Pearson a real Firebird Pilot @ a lobster feast Doug- Firebird AC & safety Tec. Red bullet catcher saved CE North side of The Citadel- Old VN Palace city, Hue The Citadel - designed by the French, north of Hue Buddhist temple ground south of Hue Bridge, probably @ Hue Building up new UH1 transmission @ hanger Camp Evans of 101 Avn. Div.  North of Hue Camp Evans of 101 Avn. Div. Typhoon rain @ Camp Evans-BOQ uphill- mess hall large bldg. WO BOQ roof blown off during typhoon, rutted roads 105 Howitzer above158 Bn. heliports, Camp Evans 105 Howitzer in vertical position 105 Howitzer ready to fire 105 Howitzer - constant clean & ready to fire B-2/319 Arty-105 Battery ammo storage & aiming equipment 105 Howitzer with fire order board 105 setting fuse on WP- White Phosphorous warhead Doug Waiting to DEROS @ DaNang late Nov. 1971, survived 2nd tour! CW2 Decker ready to go home after 2nd tour - flight jacket stolen by MP's!