Rattler/Firebird Association

Charles Bogle's Pictures

From 1965-66

8 total images

Top left to right:   Stroup - Ron Neal - Smith - Sgt Jerry Schiller -  Magee- ? - DeGroot - Pete Runnels
Bottom left to right: Paul McPherran - K. Trevithick - R. Bitton - Randy Howell - Sgt Martinez - F. Lee - Sgt Zohar ?- Jesse Ikhe
Capt Don Farnham, Paul McPherran, R Bitton, WO Pat Gwaltney, WO Robinson, Lt Gillespie, Sgt.?, Sgt Jerry Schiller
L to R:  Sgt Zohar, ME (Lt. Charles Bogle), Lt. Larry Gillespie, CWO Wally Wolf, WO Parliasak, COW Les Griffis, WO Gifford, WO Bob Eggleston, WO Baird, Sgt Martinis. L to R:  Smith, WO Carl Coyan, CWO Holmes, Capt. Randy Sabre, Capt. Don Farnham, Capt Bill Warren, CWO Pat Gwaltney, CWO Hoot Gibson, Sgt Schiller. M-6 (4 MG-60C MG, 14 rockets), HOG (M-3 System, 48 Rockets), M-6 (4 MG-60C MGs, 14 Rockets), Ammo and wps in front. Back Row L to R:  WO Gifford, WO Wally Wolf, Capt. Bill Warren, Capt. Don Farnham, Capt Randy Sabre, CWO Holmes, WO Carl Coyan, WO Pat Gwaltney, WO Baird. Kneeling L to R:  WO Parliasak, CWO Hoot Gibson, COW Les Griffis, Lt. Larry Gillespie, ME (Lt. Charles Bogle), WO Bob Eggleston UH-1B "Frog" with M-5 40mm grenade launcher, M-3 side mounted 2.75 inch rockets (48).  Ammo and wps carried on aircraft lying in front. "Old" Firebird 93 Team L to R:  WO Gifford, Akei, Runnells, CWO Wally Wolf, WO Carl Coyan, McKee, Stroup, Me (Charles Bogle)