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Bill Joyner's Pictures

From 1968-69

Also see Flight School and R&R in Australia

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First view of Vietnam Sunrise at Chu Lai Out in the Country Artillery Fire Infantry base in the field Typical weather on a morning mission U.S. Navy Patrol Boat - South of Chu Lai Fishing Village Boat race American Express not accepted here - Free fuel Minuteman sleeping area Land mine Chu Lai Waiting to start the mission Must be the Army - still waiting Is there a Starbuck's close by? Low level Sunrise Hope these clouds clear Cobra attack helicopter What do all these instruments mean? Looking for the LZ Rattler maintenance ramp Bill's first instructor in Vietnam I think a B-52 was by here B-52 bomb craters Artillery Fire North of Chu Lai North of Chu Lai Vietnamese civilian workers Minuteman beach area Where we watched war movies Trying to build a better mouse trap We moved a lot of sand Bill's aircraft Northwest of Chu Lai In support of Special Forces In support of Special Forces In support of Special Forces In support of Special Forces In support of Special Forces In support of Special Forces Notice the personal side arm? On a mission Cattle roundup Crew members Looking for the smoke Special Forces Camp On a mission N.V.A. prisoners Sniper rifle F-4 Phantom Da Nang Bomb craters Looking for the LZ North of Chu Lai On a mission Gunships Special Forces Camp Special Forces Camp Special Forces Headquarters in Da Nang Somewhere in South Vietnam In and around Hue In and around Hue In and around Hue Headed for the pass north of Da Nang Headed back south over the pass in the evening Caribou Mortar/Rocket radar - 1969 I had too much beer last night! Mountain people Mountain village Mountain people's leaders Chinooks on a re-supply mission Field compound Waiting in the field A pair of F-4 Phantoms A mine (the digging kind, not the exploding kind) Bomb craters In the field Minuteman maintenance ramp Hill - There is a story behind this picture! Way northwest of Chu Lai Tracer fire Anybody know where the pilot is? Bill Joyner (left) with two crew members North of Da Nang Hilltop camp Red cross hospital ship Way north of Da Nang Over the Pacific - on the way HOME!!!