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Barry Sharp's Pictures

From 1970

38 total images

Stan Wallace, Mike Murphy, Jim Betts and Roger Moore Barry Sharp Roger Moore SSG Hartin, Platoon Sgt, with #678 Mr. Lacount The Monkey Died - Mike Mietus, Barry Sharp, Mike Murphy, Jim Hiler Trenbell, Mike Curry, Mietus Mietus and #060 Gene Kotecki Killer Kotecki Richard Starkie Gene Kotecki Mike and an AK47 Lower right is the EM club which was hit by a rocket Jimmy Betts Image 0016 Greg Arndt Image 0018 Barry Sharp's Hooch 71st Company Area Hill 29 "Hawk Hill" Baurer #678 Kam Duc Bunker with #678 in background Mike shooting Company area Murphy, Moore Company area NCO Club, Theatre, and Officer's Club Snakepit maintenance area Greg Arndt Mr. Bower #678 #080 Lead and #060 Wing Americal Division Infantry securing downed bird at the Rice Bowl Vietnamese town Standing: Hiler, Mietus, Link, Trendal, Kneeling: Dry, Curry, Chisholm and Lecount