Rattler/Firebird Association

Remembering Jackie Webb

Served with Rattlers & Firebirds in: 69-70
Died: 2014
Cause: Unknown causes

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Posted by: Leslie Hines

Date: Apr 8, 2022

Comment: Captain Jackie Webb was a great leader. He was in charge of my 1st flight platoon in A/123rd Aviation Battalion. He arranged to get me the first UH-1H helicopter assigned to 1st flight platoon. I think he was in A/123rd Cbt Avn Bn before October 1968 since that is when I got my UH-1H. WO Shinholster thought they had flown together in March-April 1969. His photo is in the 1969 123rd Avn Bn. yearbook. He transferred out to the 71st AHC sometime before September 1969. I recalled that I was concerned by rumors that he might have been killed in the incident where photographer Oliver Noonan had been killed. He had asked me to transfer with him to the 71st AHC. But at the time, I was burnt out after 14 months in country. I often wondered what would have happened had I gone with him to the 71st AHC. It seemed like he had attended West Point Academy, but I have no confirmation on this.

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