The Rattler/Firebird Jesus Nut Award

"Jesus Nut" from a Huey helicopter  

What is a Jesus Nut?

The so called "Jesus Nut" is the nut that holds the main rotor hub on the mast of a helicopter. The name is derived from the last word a helicopter crew member might utter if this nut were to depart the aircraft in flight. Without the Jesus Nut, the main rotor would leave the aircraft, giving the helicopter about the same flying characteristics as an anvil.

Rattler/Firebird Jesus Nut Award 

What is the Award?

The Jesus Nut Award was conceived before our first reunion in Memphis, Tennessee in 1993. A chrome plated Jesus Nut was awarded to the person who came the longest distance from their home to be at our reunion. That tradition, started in 1993, has been continued. You can only win the award one time. Repeat winners are not allowed.

Our Previous Jesus Nut Award Winners

Year Winner From To Miles
1993 Will Hingston Jefferson, OR Memphis, TN 2,404 Miles
1995 Jim Arnout Anchorage, AK Dallas, TX 4,162 Miles
1998 Jerry Shirley Okinawa, Japan Orlando, FL 8,199 Miles
2000 Randy Billings Eddington, ME Las Vegas, NV 2,966 Miles
2002 Steve Lively Everett, WA St. Louis, MO 2,175 Miles
2004 Kelly McHugh San Ramon, CA Washington, D.C. 2,411 Miles
2006 Brian Araki Kailua, HI San Antonio, TX 3,709 Miles
2008 Wendell Freeman The Netherlands Denver, CO 4,822 Miles
2010 Bob Gardiner Wilsonville, OR Nashville, TN 1,969 miles
2012 Ron Taylor Salkum, WA New Orleans, LA 2,614 miles
2014 Mike Curry Talent, OR Ft. Worth, TX 2,107 miles