Rattler/Firebird Association

Rattler/Firebird Reunion 2021

The 2020 Rattler/Firebird Reunion was rescheduled due to the pandemic. It wound up becomming the 2021 reunion.

May 19 – May 23, 2021
Mobile Marriott Hotel
3101 Airport Blvd.
Mobile, AL 36606

News Coverage

WKRG News 5 television ran a short bit on the news about our reunion. You can view it here.

Tours and Activities

We had a number of activities and tours scheduled during our stay in Mobile. You can read all about them here.

Reunion Attendees

ON THE FLOOR: John Reis, Doug Schultz, Rich Lohman, Terry Igoe, Vic Bandini, Lynn Kazmierowski, Greg Arndt, Gene Waldrip, Butch Meche, Les Winfield, Steve Hopkins, Paul Bartlett, Jim Fulbrook, Roger Howell, Kilfred Walley, Bob Gardiner, Charles Everest, James Malone, David Benedict, Doug Womack, Ed Mills , Jerry Richardson.

SEATED: Eric Kilmer, Jim Pfister, Carl Stanat, David Ellingsworth, Steve Israel, Terry Wasson, Chuck Gross, John May, Danny Conn, Gary Fischer, Hal Bowen, Tom Knapp, Ron Seabolt, Johnnie Hitt, Jay Wilhelm, Fred Smith, Chuck Carlock, David O’Quinn, Bill Lurvey, Don Profitt, Larry Smith, David Weber, Dick Ehrich, Mike Beaumont.

STANDING: Bill Keller, Sam Arthur, Tom Semmes, Mike Hansen, Ed Maryliw, Don Rodgers, Dick Parcher, MaryLou Crosby, Doug Lane, Pat Riley, Wendell Freeman, Gene Britt, Chico Marcano, ‘Lil Mac MaMahon, Rick Cronin, John Bracken, David Ropes, Don Lynam, Mike Ricker, Paul Teelin, Bill Holgerson, Jim Malek, Bob Wade, Jim Collins, Rick Webster, Bill Patrick, Will Drewry.

NOT ATTENDING GROUP PHOTO: John Hoss, Bruce Kelly*, Mark Leopold*, Tom Marty*, Randy Thomas* For sure not in photo.


Alphabetical Roster of Attendees

* indicates first time attendee