Rattler/Firebird Association

May 1991 Letter


The first "Rattler" reunion was held on June 7th, 8th, and 9th, at Fort Rucker, Alabama. There were only four of us there, but we had a hell of a good time! The four were (Lt.) Dennis Hand, Ron (Radar) Seabolt, Larry (Smitty) Smith, and Donnie (Prof) Profit.

We all agreed that another, bigger reunion was in order. We have tentatively agreed on February, 1993 - that's '93, not '92. We also want this reunion to be a little more centrally located for everyone's benefit, and are thinking of Memphis, Tenn.

In order to make it more successful, we need your help in locating other Rattlers. Maybe you can remember a hometown of someone, or some other way we can locate them. We presently have good addresses on 15 Rattlers. Our latest find is Randy Billings, Rattler 1-7. Here are some additional names we would really like information on:

Major George Jackson
SP/4 Louis M. Becker
Captain Dave Carothers
SP/4 Bob Falk
Captain Harold L. Bowen
SP/4 James W. Wardlow
W.O. Conrad Howard
SP/4 Arthur R. Taylor
W.O. Beryl Scott
SP/4 John Calvacca
W.O. Wally Dunning
SP/4 John Cervinski
SSG Lawrence M. Lackey
SP/4 Dennis A. Kuhlmann
SP/5 Stanley L. Larson

If you have information on any of these names, or any others, please contact either Ron Seabolt or Larry Smith at the address on the enclosed roster.

With 20 months to go, we hope that everyone will make plans to attend. We will continue to be in touch.

Clear Left and Clear Right,
Ron Seabolt
Larry Smith