Rattler/Firebird Association

Rattler/Firebird Merchandise

The Rattler/Firebird Association has the following merchandise for sale. Click on an image for a larger picture of an item. Note that orders from people on our mailing list will be processed immediately. Orders from people not on our mailing list, but paid with a money order, or certified funds will also be processed immediately. Orders from people not on our mailing list and paid with a personal check will be processed after the check has cleared.

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Pilot and Crew Wings Decals

5" x 1.5"
$5.00 each

Pilot Wings Decal 5"

Crew Wings Decal 5"

Reunion Specials!

Full Color 3" x 9" Bumper Sticker
$4.00 each


Firebirds Book
The war through the eyes of a slick and gunship pilot in Vietnam in 1967-68 Autographed copy of this book by our own Chuck Carlock.

Read an excerpt from Firebirds
$15.00 each

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments: beveled glass with hanging cord.
One sided (see through), 3 and 3/4 inches tall by 2 and 3/4 inches wide
$10.00 each

Rattler Ornament
Oval Rattler Christmas ornament.

Firebird Ornament
Teardrop Firebird Christmas ornament.

Miniature Wings

$6.00 each

Miniature Pilot Wings

Miniature Crewmember Wings

OD Caps

One size fits all.
$12.00 each

Huey Slick Cap

Huey Gunship Cap


One Size Fits All
$7.00 each

Firebird Cap, Tan

Firebird Cap, Red

Firebird Cap, White

Unit Cloth Patches

Same size as used in Vietnam.
$6.00 each

Rattler Patch

Firebird Patch

1st Platoon - Widowmakers Patch

2nd Platoon - F-Troop Patch

151st Transportation Detachment Patch

Rattler or Firebird Metal Emblem and Challenge Coins

Members Only Service Ribbon Pin
1.25" by .5" Metal Members Only pin
$6.00 each

I Earned It Badge
1.125" x 1"
$6.00 each

Purple Heart Challenge Coun
1.75" x 1.75"
$12.00 each

Rattler/Firebird Challenge Coin
1.5" diameter - Rattler on one side and Firebird on the other
$12.00 each

Association Membership Pin
1.25" diameter
$4.00 each

Helicopter Challenge Coin
Size: 1.5" by 1.125"
$10.00 each

Firebird Challenge Coin One Sided
1.5" diameter
$5.00 each

Rattler Pin
$5.00 each

Firebird Pin
$4.00 each

Flying Firebird Pin
1" long
$5.00 each

Unit Decals

Same size as cloth patches.

Firebird Decal
$3.00 each

Flying Firebird Decal

Priced as a set of two (left and right)
Note that the dark outline is used in the images to illustrate the white border of the decal only. The actual decals do not have a dark outline.

9" long Flying Firebird decals
$4.00 pair

4" long Flying Firebird decals
$3.00 pair

Association Bumper Sticker

11.5" x 3" Red and Yellow Bumper Sticker
$3.00 each


"Wall Money"
Packet of 5 bills
$3.00 5 bills

Click here for a printable Order Form (Adobe PDF file)