You know we are getting older and so reunion attendance will start to decline as more of us check out of the AO. As a result, an anonymous member is donating a substantial sum of money in order to offer a $100 rebate to any former unit members who are attending the reunion for the first time in 2018. The hope is that this small gesture will encourage the men to attend if they had not done so in the past.

Please consider attending if this applies to you. The donor has not been to many reunions but realized on the last couple how important and useful they were as far as reconnecting, but more so in recalling past events and other unit personnel who he had forgotten. It was all so positive and you don't realize that it will be until you come and interact with these men, even if they were not there at the same time as you were. The memories come flooding back and it's a great feeling; not a bummer, and we're all there to support each other.

Since it's too late to make changes to registration or anything like that, simply let Ron Seabolt know after you have registered that you are a first-time attendee (he should already have an idea). When you check in to receive your name tag and packet, the cash will be discreetly included.

Hopefully, we can do something like this for the next reunion and we'll do a better job getting the word out earlier. Maybe we could even include members who fit another category TBD. In that regard, any Rattler/Firebird member who may wish to contribute toward such a fund in the future should let Ron know and perhaps this could be more generous still. OK - you need to contact some of your old buds who have not become members and encourage them to join and attend a future reunion before it's too late. Thanks. We want to see some FNGs!

P.S. This offer only applies to men who served in our unit in Vietnam.